On a passing reference to the impending catastrophic perils brought about in human society by modern science, former American President John F Kennedy jokingly said, “Life in other planets is already extinct because their scientists were more advanced than ours”. Most scientists today regard this vision with high prophetic accuracy and they are coming out with concrete proposals to emigrate to nearby planets as they find life on Earth quite unsustainable due to the fast disintegration of most life-support systems on Earth.

Today, the entire social structure, be it the economic structure, the power structure, or the political system, in post-modern society, is hopeless, it’s rotten, it’s serving nobody’s interests except a handful super rich powerful corporations that own most of this technosphere. Degeneration of humans renders them as parasites who then go in search of hosts, and begin to develop techniques of exploitation. Here mechanization or technologization is the methodology of this exploitation and TECHNOSPHERE is the resulting superstructure which the degenerated species has artificially developed as its new abode,  in modern history.

Built on modeling Nature, and as a giant spider net or a system of exploitation, technosphere is the mechanical infrastructure system on the biosphere in the forms of industrial centers, modern human settlements, energy production plants, transportation and communication networks, agricultural exploitation etc. Thus technosphere is the counterfeit of Nature that keeps on exponentially developing as a giant tumor on Earth. Today the parasitic humans inhabit this man-made edifice (also called the ‘second nature’) and they both grow on the host, Mother Earth, by progressively feeding on her on a non-cyclic, unsustainable and mutually wiping out fashion.

“One consequence of our survival strategy is that we live in a human-created environment where it’s very easy to think we’re different from other creatures. We’re smart, we create our own habitat, we don’t need Nature. It’s the economy that’s the most important thing. And in focusing on the economy, we’ve forgotten those ancient truths that kept us plugged in to Nature, that helped us understand that if we do something to offend the natural will, we’re going to pay a price, so we should treat Nature much more gently. That’s the lesson that we’ve forgotten and we’re paying a price for today.”        ~ DAVID SUZUKI, Ecologist, Broadcaster and

Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia

“My concern about the disintegration of life-support systems in many areas is that it will lead to social disintegration. In effect, more and more failed and failing states. Each year now, the list of failed and failing states gets longer and the question is, how many failed states do you have to have before you have a failed global civilization?”

~ LESTER BROWN, President of Earth Policy Institute

“A disposable diaper takes 236.59 mls (8 fl oz) of crude oil to make the outside cover. It sits at least 500 years in landfill, far longer than the child will live. It requires felling four mature trees to create the absorbent pads for one child’s supply of diapers.”

~ source, National Geographic video
The Human Footprint




What will it be like to inhabit a world designed by people? One obvious response must be to say that we already do inhabit such a world, and our present society is what it’s like. The reality that we are existing in it today is not the same as it used to be a few centuries ago, since millions of years. It has changed dramatically and goes on gathering like a snowball, exponentially.

Biosphere is commonly described as the environment of living beings. But very few know and think about the notion of technosphere. While Nature, since billions of years, developed the biosphere and the life forms in it by converting its most inorganic matters into their organic live forms, modern man, using technology largely since the last 200 years, started to convert most of these organic maters and live forms into not only inorganic matters and to their dead forms but also largely to synthetic or unnatural matters which are both strange and even poisonous to Nature and its life forms.

Technosphere comprises all achievements of the technogenic civilization, from electric appliances through to modern foodstuff. All that technosphere touches, including human, are subject to transformation which is a reality that is not always visible but pivotal. We have been busily making and mending our immediate environment for the last few hundred years, and there is no longer anywhere on the planet that has not been affected by our handiwork.

Thus humans in the industrialized world have accomplished a feat over the course of the last two centuries that is without precedent in human history. With their determination and their machines they have succeeded in achieving an unprecedented level of material wealth. Due to these efforts the people of the industrialized nations live amidst a profusion of technical possibilities, products and services, which have – without a doubt – reduced the level of ‘uncertainty,’ of risk, decisively. For hundreds of millions of people, this wealth obviates the daily struggle for the provision of food, material needs and energy. If this is not “progress” in the best sense of the word, if this is not an ‘achievement’ of human civilization, what then could be imagined progress, what an achievement?

However, the price for civilization’s progress is and has always been to change environment in which we live. If our modern industrial society is therefore abnormal rather than normal, it is that though humans have been around for several million years, it is only in the last one hundred and  fifty years, that, in a tiny area of our planet, we became industrialists; and in the last sixty years that industrialization has become a  global phenomenon.

The concept of the technosphere first appeared in the writings of Vernadsky, the great Ukrainian scientist who pioneered our modern concept of the biosphere. Vernadsky, clearly saw the enormous and exponentially growing impact on the biosphere from human techniques and he called the technosphere ‘a planetary geological force’. It creates a “new world” of technical civilization with dehumanized and denaturalized humans as its ‘natural’ inhabitants. This purely mechanical ‘evolution’ has eradicated man from his (natural) environment and has cut off the roots through which he had drawn life-creating force since millions of years. Here cities are “gardens” where these degenerated creatures “grow” at an accelerating pace.

However the fouling of this giant nest/abode by the non-cyclic lifestyle of the mechanized inmates has reached such extreme and abyss that today we consider even the worst pre-modern slave to be a hundred times more lucky, more free and more noble than even the most lucky and the most free inmates (post-modern humans) or their leader inmate of this ‘cage’ namely, the technosphere. For, the worst pre-modern slave at least had the freedom to freely breath non-poisoned fresh air, to freely drink non-poisoned fresh water, and over a dozen other basic life ingredients which even the most lucky and the most free inmates (post-modern humans) or their leader inmate of this ‘cage’ today severely lack.


Biosphere versus Technosphere



MATRIX, the great techno-trap

The new type of war does not need any conventional weapons, nor does it need to annex land or property, nor does it go for colonization that requires scores of army and ammunitions to maintain the colonies. The post-modern colonization or war is the ‘technospherization’ of nations and its life forms (including humans) and thus the whole world today has become the Wired Globe, Global Village, Information Society, Control Revolution, Digitized World and so forth. And the post-modern weapon or methodology of colonization is the MATRIX which has literally ‘baptized’ the whole post-modern world in this giant techno-racketeering.

There is only one difference: in a totalitarian system, unification or colonization is carried out forcibly whereas in a technogenic system the process is done very softly, quietly and  little by little. Today this technogenic system – indeed the post-modern society – is exponentially growing like a giant global cage or prison in which the inmates are the modern humans. This indeed is a historic feat in that almost the whole mankind has been massively and ‘happily’ led into this cage/prison. Here, organized religions, modern science, capitalism, communism, market economy and all that are the literal handcuffs or depressant by which the inmates are actively kept — as totally dependent to this technogenic system, the MATRIX.

Man today thinks that whatever is going around him is by the will of some other people. But the system is developing by itself. When the civilization settled down to the technogenic course, such laws started to operate which had never revealed themselves before. Now these laws cause the technosphere to steadily develop into a MATRIX. Matrix is a sort of a conglomerate, a system for which a man is a battery powering this system. Such films as The Matrix or Surrogates are not science fiction but our nearest future. And this is not the point of technical appliances people are surrounding themselves with. Once having got into the global information field created by different mass media, they find themselves possessed by the system. This is not the man who controls the system any more, but the system itself fully controls and overmasters him.

Growing dependence on the technosphere

“The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, diplomats, professional politicians, professional godmen, clergies, knowledge workers, carpenters, draftsmen, artists…. the very minds we are trying to save as we try to save environment. Until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it. The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”, Morpheus thus illustrates the life in the technosphere, in the movie, “The Matrix”

In theoretical terms the basic feature of economic growth is that it involves creating a totally new organization of matter; the technosphere, which is in competition with – and is systematically made to replace – the biosphere of which we are an inseparable part. This substitution has serious implications. For instance, it means that humans are systematically isolated from the natural environment to which they have been adapted by millions of years of evolution, and which has always been capable of satisfying their basic biological and social needs.

Until the Industrial Revolution, people probably never had any difficulty in obtaining food and fresh water, nor in finding the material with which to build a shelter; but now they are made to live in vast built-up areas and spend the better part of their day in a factory contributing in some way towards the manufacture of objects unrelated to their personal needs or to those of the family. They are, in fact, forced into the unenviable situation of having to depend on paid employment in order to purchase the necessities of life, which they previously got free.

The same is true of social needs. People previously lived as members of a family and community and these provided the optimum social environment; that which best satisfied basic social needs. In industrial society however, everything conspires to destroy the family unit as well as the community. Thus, the state largely usurps the functions normally fulfilled by parents. It provides children with free education, for instance, and a free health service, correspondingly reducing parental responsibilities.

Large companies usurp the mother’s functions, since most of the things that a woman would normally have to make for her family – clothes, bread and other staple foods – are now available at the supermarket, while functions that would normally be fulfilled by the children, such as helping in the house and washing up, have largely been taken over by domestic appliances. The family in industrial society has thus lost many of its traditional functions and has correspondingly disintegrated and has today ended up being totally dependent on the “Matrix”.

The community fares scarcely better. Mobility is normally such that people are rarely in the same place long enough for strong communal bonds to be established. They usually live in housing estates or residential areas, which are not real communities, since people work elsewhere, often at a considerable distance from their homes. To a large extent, the company a person works for provides him/her with a surrogate communal environment. At work she/he has an identity, which she/he lacks elsewhere.

Work also provides an individual with a goal-structure, a sense of accomplishment and a corresponding measure of self-esteem. It is for this reason that unemployment is so intolerable. Even if social security prevents an unemployed person from suffering serious material deprivation, he is nevertheless deprived of that essential, albeit surrogate, social environment which a job previously provided.

It is almost certainly the psychological effects of unemployment that render so many people in the ghettos of the larger American conurbations incapable of fulfilling their family functions, establishing permanent relationships and taking the responsibility for the upbringing of their children.

The trouble is that we did not evolve as part of the technosphere – its proudest creations, such as the motor-car, the television set and the computer are nice to have, but we can live without them, and indeed have done so perhaps for 99.99% of our tenancy of this planet, but we cannot live without the products of the biosphere – such as fertile soil, abundant and clean water and a favorable and stable climate – and yet, as economic development proceeds, it is of these and similar inestimable biospheric benefits that we must be correspondingly deprived – giving rise, among other things, to growing poverty, malnutrition and disease.

If our industrial society is necessarily short-lived rather than permanent, it is that it cannot survive the destruction of the biosphere, – and this is very much more important – and this destruction is already very far advanced. Indeed, everywhere in the world today, croplands are being over-cropped, pasture-lands over-grazed, forests over-logged, wetlands over-drained, ground-waters over-tapped, seas and oceans over-fished as man co-opts for his own use fully 40% of the present Net Primary Product (NPP) of our planet’s terrestrial photosynthesis.

At the same time, the living world is being systematically over-burdened with ever-growing volumes of wastes of all sorts, including toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radionuclide, while billions of tons of carbon-dioxide and other greenhouse gases are drastically changing the very chemical composition of the atmosphere.

Because of accelerating technological progress, humankind may be rapidly approaching a critical phase in its career. In addition to well-known threats such as nuclear holocaust, the prospects of radically transforming technologies like nanotech systems and machine intelligence present us with unprecedented opportunities and risks. Our future, and whether we will have a future at all, may well be determined by how we deal with these challenges. Of particular importance is to know where the pitfalls are: the ways in which things could go terminally wrong, that we are certain to face imminent existential risks. These are threats that could cause our extinction or destroy the potential of Earth-originating intelligent life. Some of these threats are relatively well known while others, including some of the gravest, have gone almost unrecognized. A clearer understanding of the threat picture will enable us to formulate better strategies.

Mass psychology in a controlling way: Keeping people under control is another function of the Matrix. Just one method of doing so is through “synchronistic linguistics” as has been termed elsewhere on the net. It is a form of subliminal messaging not necessarily embedded in movies, TV, or music, but in your physical environment. By inserting subtle calculated synchronicities all around you, the Matrix is constantly bombarding your subconscious with specific commands, each of which becomes a brick in the wall of a virtual prison for your mind.

Your freewill is disassembled piece by piece and diminished with every encountered attempt by the Matrix to take control of your life. For most people, this battle over freewill is happening without them consciously knowing it.

Nothing happens in politics or society by accident. The already mechanized human society seems to be simply rigged at last by the so-called social machines like ‘think tanks’ by engineering popular culture. To understand mass psychology, you need to know the real rules of engagement. As social drivers, think tanks create illusory worldviews by reinventing the world in distorted forms. Here mass psychology is used in a controlling way. The world is consequently governed by appearances, not reality. Thus the geopolitical and psychosocial pattern of life gets rigged, as is the reality today. Here the deep psychology models of Freud and Jung, the inherent nature of the psyche and human response to trauma, have been played against our dreams of a better tomorrow.

Cryptocracy refers to a type of government where the real leaders are hidden. A fake government may appear to be in charge and the real leaders not know themselves that they are not in charge. It can also be used when referring to similar arrangements in institutions, organizations, orders, sects and cults. Most nations today are ruled by shadow governments.

The occult is one of the keys to world events. Reality is also defined by geopolitics. Corporate feudalism has replaced democracy as the new elitist rule. Drug companies are now as powerful as banks and oil. Corporations compete with nation-states and international mafia-style crime rings, employing the gambits of straw-dogs, smokescreens, hypnotized patsies, manufactured demons and false flags. In this world, nothing is ever as it seems. The best laid plans for utopia have diverted us from confronting geopolitical realities while masking consequences. False pretenses are used to execute plans serving manufactured ambition with quasi-religious zeal.

The Cryptocracy is involved in “alchemical processing” of mass consciousness by psychological manipulation. With the help of foundations and secret societies, experiments in world shaping continue in multimedia and military campaigns. The goal of social engineering is seeding and controlling megatrends so the masses live as controlled puppets, wage slaves of the ruling elite. It is achieved by shaping of global culture by forcing unwelcome changes and seizing psychological control of human race; by engineering consensus, mass persuasion, breakdown of cognitive structure, and overcoming resistance. For this purpose, they create peer pressure throughout all strata of society designed to break people down into consensus conformity.

Civilizations need a myth to live. Irrespective of national sovereignty, think tanks’ ideology orchestrates archetypal battles of ‘good and evil’ by featuring in all cultural domains toward totalitarian ends. Arguably in doing so, they are distorting civilization, morals, psychology, history and religion. They have seized a monopoly on human judgment. The equivalent Russian program is “Psychoecology” from Psychotechnology Research Institute.

Covert forces are playing on your unconscious mind. With global hypnosis, they have made themselves the rudder on the ship of state, setting policy, advising and directing by diverse think tanks like Tavistock, Psychoecology, Rockefeller Foundation, CIA, KGB, MI6, SRI, Brookings, RAND, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, IMF, PNAC, Pilgrim’s Society, Wharton School, NASA, World Bank etc.

Think tanks feed us illusions as stepping-stones before weaning us on disillusion, exemplified in lowered expectations, healthcare debates and a failing greenback. Positive and negative reinforcement include “the takeaway,” turning dreams into pipe dreams and mystical manipulation.

Different models of the system work differently. The socialist model deprives its elements of the freedom of choice. The capitalist one enslaves. Different organized religions work towards spiritual and mental enslavements of their mass followers. However technosphere transcends all these mechanized system in one go.  The technogenic works in an interesting way with all these systems and ‘baptize’ all of them into it. It does not oppress directly and makes no direct pressure. It creates an environment in which its elements – screws – themselves are adjusted for the needs of the system and begin to want what is advantageous to it.

But our collective hearts cry out for something beyond the myopia of collectivism that plagues us. We yearn for insight into our real condition and compassionate relief from it. Change starts with the questions we ask because they are embedded with the potential to shift our awareness to more expansive and unexpected views. Mass media eliminated individual human beings, including capitalist cyberhippies and the commodified personality cult “brands” of the spiritual supermarket and other mass market penetration. In such a society, only the decommodified can afford to be free. The new faith based on cybertechnology, free-market economics and counterculture libertarianism has already failed. Today most think tanks and their hedonic philosophies are bankrupt and short of ideas – for good or for evil – of great leaders. So where are we going?

Total ambiguity and unawareness of reality: The fact is that we are not controlled by certain people, we are just walking unanimously and unknowingly into the matrix, under the total control of the system. All this takes place under the auspices of the democratic and humanitarian transformations within the framework of cooperation, peace, salvation of the mankind, etc. Man enslaved by the system does not simply lose the freedom of choice – he begins to want exactly what benefits the system. This process is not initiated and directed intentionally, but is going on by itself, in accordance with the laws of self-organization of a parasitizing system, i.e., synergistically. Very few people see it and understand it.

The guys from the Bilderberg Club (a fuzzy sort of global government, uniting the richest and influential people worldwide) delude themselves thinking that they are able to control things, but this is a mistake – the system will swallow them as well, moreover, will do it first. The situation has gone out of control long ago. Probably they have understood it, because, of course, the Club consists of very few intelligent people.

So, the new reality is not the same anymore and the rules of survival in it are different. We woke up in a different reality. The civilization has made a sharp turn from the true human nature toward the technogenic society. And this makes a very strong effect on people – they are not free individuals anymore, but rather elements of the system, most part of whose energy and consciousness is under the system’s control.

Life in a technogenic system is arranged in such a way as to obscure the mind and divert attention away from the real state of affairs. A man in the matrix does not see the reality as it really is, does not understand where all these “what and why” come from. He doesn’t have the vision which has simply been swaddled.

Manipulation is carried out in such an unnoticeable, gradual, and natural way that nobody suspects anything. The system’s elements will be marked with electronic chips and made totally controllable like rabbits before they know. But the chips will not be implanted to their heads, of course, again, this is a trick to distract attention. Let people rage to their hearts’ content protesting against such an inhuman act depriving an individual of his rights. All will be done in a more ‘civilized’ manner, for example, via drivers’ licenses or bank cards (or such human identity numbers) the “rabbits” just will not be able to live without. They will be clearly explained that it is for their own sake, comfort, and security. And the overwhelming majority will believe this rubbish they are fed with and obediently agree, as usual.

The technogenic system, by its nature, is absolutely destructive, both in relation to the biosphere of our planet and for the man: his abilities are blocked, opportunities are drastically reduced — all with a view to avoid interference with the system to evolve as it must evolve. But man does not see or feel anything like this as the “operation” is made under general anesthesia, in a state of a deep sleep, of which the patient, again, has no idea.

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