Life On Meltdown

Life on Meltdown Today we live in a consumerist, free-market world where the collusion among the merry-making politics and money-making market is the order of the day. In this world of big powers and giant markets, democracy has become the greatest hypocrisy. Money buys the political leadership much like our global money bigwigs buy IPL Cricket, Football Championships and the like.

The most popular shows on television today are Reality TV shows. And, more people vote for the next star on modern society idol. Democracy is doomed to fail, forcing elected leaders to adapt their policies according to a clueless mob addicted to the virtual world of the monopolist media and market interest. With clueless mass, democracy is political entertainment for politicians and TV channel debaters. We want more entertainment, in any form, to keep us occupied in between work and TV. We need something to discuss and feel important about. In short, market has produced enough ‘popular politicians as democratic TV-priests, to entertain and as such they will act and entertain us. Actually, the highly contradictory social environment is a windfall and premium for channel debaters and they are indeed having a field day in stretching the debates to any length and to any direction they wish.

Aiding and accelerating this ‘progress’ of free market economy is the theory of Relativism. Today Einstein’s Relativity Theory rules the world – the theory that everything in this world is relative and is thus interchangeable. This is the idea that matter and energy are interchangeable, just as space and time are interchangeable, that everything including time is changeable to money.

Money is controlling politics and standing in our way. Private interests can effectively purchase laws which enable them to loot and economically enslave mankind.

In a hi-tech world which is soaked and overloaded with barrages of technical information, body and mind no longer exist. Life becomes only a part of a greater technical and chemical thought process. Mathematical equations intrude into human relations. We learn, for example, through the doctrine of guilt by association, the simple equation that the enemies of our enemies have to be our friends or that the friends of our enemies have to be our enemies – as if only simple addition of positive and negative signs exists by which to evaluate human beings.

However, in the commotion of these consumerist social and political debates and TV ‘entertainment’, many fundamental and more globally catastrophic problems, that are otherwise staring us in the face, easily escape our attention. We fatally miss the bigger questions of human life, its vital problems. We can’t see the wood for the trees, we are unable to understand what is important in a situation because we are giving too much attention to details; we are lost in the torrents of the ongoing information explosions.

Today there is a deep groundswell towards a strong and cynic awareness that the world is fast heading towards a no-win-situation from which it simply has no escape. Many see it as having already started the end without even knowing it. It is on account of a number of symptoms, not just one. They seem to convey the message that the world is un-savable, and that the worst is yet to come.

The book  finds that we are living in modern society that literally is a highly globalized pyramid-like racketeering mechanism which has many weak links and holes. An unnoticed small hole is enough to sink a giant ship and the fact is that this ‘spaceship’ or technosphere today has thousands of weak links and holes, most of which are highly incomprehensible even to the so-called service providers of modern society, namely, the experts and scientists who ‘know more and more about less and less’.

This study has proved that scientific thinking, as a product of collective stupidity, is symptom of a particular mental illness. Modern science, as it is being explained in detail in the book, understands only the surface of the verifiable seen or unseen matter and even then it can understand them only very partially. Science misses out on 95 to 99%of the functioning, laws, and principles of existence. In practical terms, modern science is filtering down to be an ideology of self-delusion and self-destruction. Thus science, as the basic cause, lies behind the dualistic thinking that misleadingly regards Nature as wholly knowable, technologically manageable and accurately replaceable, which is a fundamentally flawed theory that turned evolution as devolution, leading to the consequential ecological and social crises of contemporary modern society. Incidentally science is rapidly reaching its limit and has degenerated to a system that is less about understanding and more about manipulating, and hence the evolution of a ‘culture of denial’.

And this is also an attempt to establish the fact that the present civilization is highly fictitious and mechanically limiting, and that any society built on concept or thesis of fiction will not work for long, however efficiently – ‘scientifically’ – we try. Therefore the purpose of this study is to expose this mechanical vitiation and contamination of modern man and his systems so that mankind may survive in an age of growing enlightenment.

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