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How We Can Make Sense of the Enormous Scale of the Present Human Crisis


Today most people are too busy dealing with the responsibilities and distractions of daily life. They do not have the time to contemplate on the existence of the world and the life forms. They just want simple answers to questions/problems that are presented to them in an interesting way.

However, there are many confirmed findings that mankind is facing serious imminent existential threats.  In addition to the threat of climate change, there is a rapidly accumulating list of equally daunting issues such as capacity limits in crucial resources like oil and water, deforestation, desertification, oceans emptying of fish, growing genetic poisoning and a massive extinction of species.  As the convergence of these multiple threats becomes too much to handle, our global civilization is certain to face a total collapse. 

Here, in making sense of our civilization in catastrophic crisis, the new book, Life on Meltdown, by M. J. John (FaceBook ID: John Muthukat)  is a concise and  well-written critique of postmodernism. Having written and published his earlier book, Story of Man – Layman ( in 1990) he has great delight to introduce this new book which seems to be a better read on the present crisis.

This book goes where far too few researchers have been willing to go, and it is addressing the basic causes behind the present global multiple crises, including the ongoing global warming that fast changes the climate to be too hot, too cold and too turbulent for all life forms, including us to survive.

Here John has done the entire tough work of reading through the complex, and sometimes nonsensical, ideas of the most influential postmodern philosophers, and making their theories accessible. The book provides a compact insider description of the present mode of human evolution which, according to the author, is actually the progress of a ‘mass ailment’.

Due to this mass or societal ailment, the modern world is undergoing the process of global meltdown. In support of his arguments, the author here expounds a theory, a new theory of degeneration, namely, the ‘macro-free radical theory of aging’ that explains the fast spreading immature degeneration of all life forms that threatens the survival of every living thing on the planet, including us humans.

The author contents that modern society, along with its off-shoot the post-modern society, is found to be a highly contagious and contaminated “pond” or cesspool.  And he finds that the “pond of life” is highly polluted. Modern society is a highly vitiated and corrupted “pond” in which almost all life forms, including humans, are at an advanced stage of decay—mentally and physically—and the process goes on throwing up almost all the problems and diseases mankind suffer today.

For just one example, almost 95% people of modern society (inmates of this highly vitiated and corrupted “pond”) suffer from one or more kinds of degeneration diseases like diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer etc. A clear and evident case is the massive industrialization and the resultant contamination, leading to colossal decay and acidification of the environment and the soil. In our day the Gaia and human evolutionary ‘tree’ has contracted a highly massive disease – DEGENERATION — which is at a chronic stage today.

We all know that the so called degenerative disease of humans and animals are basically constitutional disorders, the outward symptoms of which come out only after many years or when the disease turns chronic. The changes in environment first alter the constitution of the body of the planet which subsequently comes as problems or diseases in the animals and plants on the planet.

A healthy tree produces good fruits; a diseased tree, diseased fruits. A tree is known by its fruits, and a system is proved of its worth through its products.  Here it is futile to give treatment to the individual fruits to cure them of the disease, just as it is futile to give treatment to the individual fishes of highly polluted pond   to cure the fishes individually. 

Similar is the case with modern society which is a highly vitiated and corrupted “pond “that goes on spreading diseases to all its life forms for which treatment of the diseased society is the only answer.

This exactly is the reason all medications, including the so-called alternate holistic medical systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene, Hydropathy, Naturopathy, all fail to fully address the problems of disease, so far as they are administering treatment only to the affected people– individually. It is just because these systems of medicines focus almost exclusively on individual disease process and their individual organic dysfunction.

In the long human history, the very brief interlude of industrial civilization has already been proved a highly suicidal and costly experiment causing almost 99% of the diseases, problems and crises that mankind faces today. Here the book clearly and logically proves that, in order to avoid imminent and total extinction, there is no option other than the wholistic  SOCIETAL remedy  —  I call it SOCIETAL NATUROPATHY. And the easiest and most rewarding method to do so is through a philosophy which I am presenting here as SOCIETAL NATUROPATHY. 

This book will be helpful to all categories of people, especially the professionals and experts of the following areas:

  • Medical systems, including Allopath, like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nature Cure, Natural Hygiene, Hydropathy, Naturopathy.
  • Science, especially fundamental science and philosophy of science.
  • Media, communication, story/script writers and directors of cinema.
  • Authors of all hues, especially of history, philosophy, psychology, religion, environment and ecology.
  • Leaders, strategic planners, human resource managers, corporate leaders etc.

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