How Demonetization and Its Multidimensional Effects Immensely Revitalize Narendra Modi’s Vision For Making India Great



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November 8, 2016 is very significant for two great developments in history: It marked the beginning of Donald Trump era in America, heralding radical societal changes in the Western world, while in India,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stunning and massive DEMONITIZATION move has literally electrified a whole people with great hopes for a corruption-free era in the Eastern part of the world.  

This is the Modi revolution in India. There is no parallel to it anywhere in the world. The whole world wants to follow this experiment, no matter the dominant corporate media, that monopolizes the age-old practice of fooling the people and holding the people-elected leaders at ransom on the tricks of public relation ‘ratings’, have done their best in discrediting this highly patriotic reform which they want the government to countermand

What is discussed here is not the pros and cons of the DEMONITIZATION issue, which, like in the case of Donald Trump in America, has been first attacked by the corporate vested interests and their monopoly media, only for this noble venture to prove its detractors  wrong and getting overwhelming support from all people and  immensely  benefiting  the nation in the long run.



Since independence, India has witnessed many revolutions inside the country. But, on the 8thNovember 2016, Indians were stunned by the demonetization revolution brought about by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, a revolution which is considered as a … huge surgical attack on black money, both ‘systematic and systemic’ in electoral politics, propped up by corrupt businessmen, politicians and executives. By  invalidating the highest currency in terms of value, the root of the major problems of corruption, black money and fake currency has been put to rest.It is also an act of crackdown on the country’s booming under-regulated and virtually untaxed grassroots economy. This one act of Modi will be a driver to get millions of Indians onto the country’s official economic grid, many for the first time. The crackdown has the feel of ‘sweeping in scope and extreme in measures’ as terrorism, illegal drug sales, the black markets, counterfeiting, and/ or the method of choice for those seeking and paying bribes have come to a halt. Petty corruption which is rampant in India has also hit a speed breaker for the time being.

95% of India is honest, and this 95% has been thirsting for someone to assault this pervasive monster with sustainable commitment. This India was willing to accept passing discomfort as the collateral price of the struggle against cancer. This is why such a massive change took place without violence.

High denomination notes are the currency of corruption. If you want to challenge corruption root and branch you cannot merely trim the branches periodically to appease public opinion. You have to attack the curse at the roots. The total amount of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes comprises 84% of total money supply and naturally the axe fell correctly ton them.

 Demonetization policy is a classic case of good idea to flush all the illegal money out of the system. This is probably unprecedented, anywhere in the world. In this regard, please read my earlier post: Demonetization Move against Corruption and Black Money in India:


A Bold and Risky Revolutionary Reform

No revolution is a bed of rose. Corruption in India is like fish and water. Only a highly patriotic committed leader can undertake such healthy long-range measures, especially in a nation and her populace long ruined by popular politics of distributing freebies, like free rations, free clothing, free TV sets  and playing to the gallery for votes.

Narendra Modi had bigger plans ready to clean up the Indian economy of corruption when he announced the policy of demonetization. Here demonetization is like PM clearing a highly contaminated and vitiated pond.  Targeted at striking a body blow to black money and hoarding of money, the disruptive policy hit with an alarming surprise. Prepared to face the difficulties associated with currency change, most people in the country have welcomed the policy but those feeling the heat from the illegally stored cash are all sound and furious about it.

Mainstream Media and Experts as Lobbyists of Globalist Corporations

Experts and professionals, especially of economy and finance – often donning themselves as the so-called ‘visiting professors’ for  giving keynote lectures – are indeed the lobbyists of the long entrenched establishments and institutions that are  systematically controlled by global corporations in every nations of the world today.  They are no friends of the common people anywhere in the world. George Bernard Shaw wrote: “All professions are conspiracies against laymen”. And no different was the opinion of  Samuel Butler who later wrote:  “Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some training to know how to lie well.” For more on this topic, please read the essays:

Thus it is no surprise that most exerts and professionals, promoted by the dominant mainstream media, had no much good words for Modi’s demonetization move.                                                        

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi: Similarities of the Two Revolutions

And now comparing the two revolutions now taking place in the Western world led by Donald Trump, and the Eastern world led by Narendra Modi, their similarities seem to be more pronounced. Although both Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are polar opposite of each other in many respects, there are many striking common similarities between the two. They may be put in the following respects:

  • Both hated status quo: That’s what the voters adored about them.

  • They spoke against corruption

  • Both are considered as “outsiders” to the profession of politics. They may be considered as “anti-establishment rebel”.

  • They may be considered disrupters of their respective systems.

  • Mainstream monopoly media controlled by the globalists corporate didn’t get along with both. The media which is part and parcel of the establishment in their respective countries didn’t get along with both Trump and Modi. Today both have not only proved the media wrong and anti-people, but also branding the monopoly media as a bane to the human society

  • Both are victims of their voters being branded: All those who voted for Modi were branded as communal. Similarly, all those who plumped for Trump are being called racist.

  • Both were accused as bringing doomsday to their respective nations. Trump-baiters were quick to announce after his election that the doomsday clock was ticking, as did the anti-Modi lobbies. Well, Modi is halfway into his term, and India is still in one piece.


Donald Trump tries to strengthen India connection by courting Hindu right, PM Narendra Modi. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s India connection with the Hindu right in US was on show at a fundraiser recently. Trump has a closer connection than what most would think. The real estate mogul has huge investments planned or in progress including in places like Gurgaon and Pune. The Indian-American community is three-million strong in the US contributing significantly to the American economy with a majority of the population engaged in high paying professions, those that also create more jobs.


Two Revolutions as Parts of One Single Global Revolution: How Trump-Modi Relationship Could Change the World through Nationalism versus Globalism

In late January, the leader of the United States, the world’s oldest democracy, and the leader of India, the world’s most populous democracy, shared a phone call. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about the “warm conversation” while the White House issued a statement, which emphasized that the United States considered India to be “a true friend.” In response, Quartz announced the inception of a “bromance,” further positing that President Trump might be “India’s BFF.”

Trump’s decision to reach out to Modi, which preceded contact with the head of any major European nation, is significant. It’s hardly surprising that the two are simpatico. They come at each other on equal terms—as unrepentant patriots and guardians of economic national interest.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and eastern Europe the Euphoria of globalisation is beyond human imagination. Because of the self-annihilation factor of humanity in any further world war, the metamorphosis and social metabolism of USA are developing in this direction and may produce a global revolution that exactly what is partly happening today. However most of the economic scholars could not see the high synthetic (unnatural) productivity in economy. There is a very high overproduction in every branch of economy. In the market anarchy preceding, it is the law of this economic system.

Predictions of Trump and Modi Revolutions: How This Author Could Predict both the Trump and Modi Revolutions, well in Advance

Victory of Donald Trump Predicted in 1990

Surprisingly, my studies since the last 30 years were concentrating on the impending COLLAPSE OF INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION, from its roots. And most of my inferences on post-modern developments are born out of this logic.

TIME magazine, the world’s top news magazine, was so confidant of Hillary becoming the American President till the last vote counting day on 8 November 2016 that the very cover page of this prestigious magazine came out with ‘MADDAME PRESIDANT’, in the hope of making another history, and the magazine making a news scoop. However, on the contrary, this ‘layman’ author was so confidant of Trump becoming the American President that I published my blog with the title — TRUMP WINNING BY A LANDSLIDE MAJORITY — with designed image of Trump winning a landslide victory, a week in advance of the vote counting day, precisely on 02 November 2016.  Read it here:

My two books, first book, ‘STORY OF MAN: LAYMAN’, published way back in 1990, and the second book, ‘LIFE ON MELTDOWN’ published in March 2014, are testimony to their prophetic accuracy. The prophetic accuracy of the analysis and interpretation in these books, with regards to the recent developments, have been explained in my blog on 2nd November 2016 as below:  

“Today some people are looking at the present US election scene as if Donald Trump is pulling off a ‘French Revolution’ or a ‘Reagan Revolution’. Some others see it as part of an ‘unintended’ revolution. And yet another group suddenly notice the ‘hands’ of Russian President Putin behind Trump. The   guess work simply goes awry. However what is pointed out here is about a thesis propounded some 26 years back by author M J John in his book Story of Man—Layman in 1990 in which the author explains about an ongoing ‘Western Revolution’, and with its meticulous details.”

“Released by then Indian Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar in January 1991, this book elicited many reports and reviews in the national mainstream media during 1991.  Then American ambassador to India, in a letter to the author, remarked this book as “fascinating”.  Story of Man–Layman later proved to be a document of prophetic accuracy, as this book hinted about almost all major global events that took place from 1991 till today, including the ongoing ‘Western Revolution’.

How the author accurately predicted about everything important in modern society, in his first book, Story Of Man–Layman back in 1990, and also in his second book, Life On Meltdown in 2014, is explained here.”



Predicting Modi Becoming Prime Minister, Modi Magic Arresting The Fast Down-Slide In India and Modi Becoming India’s Napoleon Bonaparte

From many visible indications, the western model is already broken. According to many published reports, Industrial civilisation is fast headed for irreversible collapse, on a global level. War or no war, mankind is soon to face extinction because of the massive premature degeneration gripping mankind, and the worst affected are the peoples of the so-called ‘super’ powers and developed nations. Thus collective stupidity is soon to wipe out mankind, and the trend seems to begin from the so-called developed regions of the world.

India too has long been in economic, social and environmental rut and decay even after her gaining independence from the erstwhile colonialists. However, according to my vision, the greatest achievement of what may be called the ‘Modi-effect’ in miraculously arresting this fast down-hill slide in India.  Yes, the strong leadership of Narendra Modi has phenomenally rescued India from the fast all-round down-slide, at the first instance.

Narendra Modi is the most unique personality that India has seen in 65 years of its independence.  He is the best ‘administrator-politician’ India has seen. Gujarat, the state which he ruled for 10 years,  has become synonymous with possibilities, change and energy. And Gujarat has become synonymous with Modi. Through these kind of thinking, I saw in him the great aspirations Swami Vivekananda, Subhash  Chandra Bose and Gandhi all rolled into one

 At this vital global situations of mankind, it was my heightened expectations from this great leader that I predicted his coming to power as India’s Napoleon Bonaparte in my latest book LIFE ON MELTDOWN published in March 2014 by Layman Books, some two months before the Indian Parliamentary Election and counting of votes 0n May16, 2014.. Read more: Narendra Modi: Coming Of The Great Redeemer:


Finally, Let Me Get Things Straight On A Bird’s-Eye View: What Is Actually Going On In The World Today? 

I am seeing the global development in two basic aspects:

  • The world is being transformed and ripened for basic social changes

  • A global revolution, equivalent to industrial revolution, is to trigger the fall of globalism


A much enchanting GLOBAL REVOLUTION, with its epicenter – no, not around Trump — in America, is fast unfolding. But Trump is not the phenomena; the phenomenon is something bigger, and Trump responds to that phenomena. They may get rid of Trump as a particular figure but they’re not going to get rid of those phenomena. We will certainly see another Trump-like demagogue rise up as this legitimate anger ripples through society. Many don’t think either Trump or any similar alternative have any interest or capacity to fundamentally alter the system.

 By jumping on the bandwagon of the fast changes underway, Trump is only being part of the fast changes underway, like the once highly unpredictable maverick Boris Yeltsin, at the height of the bygone Eastern Revolution, jumping on the bandwagon of Mikhail Gorbachev and help completing the demise of Communism in the erstwhile USSR.

Today, what is strongly on track since long is the steady fall of corporatism and naked capitalism for which many world statesmen like Pope Francis, Noam Chomsky, Bernie Sanders and the rest have been relentlessly fighting, like Mikhail Gorbachev once fought to get rid of the evils  of communism through his ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’.



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