Prediction in 1990 about a Western Revolution Comes to Fruition: Donald Trump Pulls Off the Second American Revolution


(A quick study of this long unfolding historic event)

Today some people are looking at the present US election scene as if Donald Trump is pulling off a ‘French Revolution’ or a ‘Reagan Revolution’. Some others see it as part of an ‘unintended’ revolution. And yet another group suddenly notice the ‘hands’ of Russian President Putin behind Trump. The   guess work simply goes awry. However what is pointed out here is about a thesis propounded some 26 years back by author M J John in his book Story of ManLayman in 1990 in which the author explains about an ongoing ‘Western Revolution’, and with its meticulous details.

Released by then Indian Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar in January 1991, this book elicited many reports and reviews in the national mainstream media during 1991.  Then American ambassador to India, in a letter to the author, remarked this book as “fascinating”.  Story of Man–Layman later proved to be a document of prophetic accuracy, as this book hinted about almost all major global events that took place from 1991 till today, including the ongoing ‘Western Revolution’.

How the author accurately predicted about everything important in modern society, in his first book, Story Of Man–Layman back in 1990, and also in his second book, Life On Meltdown in 2014, is explained here.



MOST societal revolutions are invincible and self-accomplishing, and they may  surprise even the beneficiaries and enemies of such revolutions, alike. For example, take the case of Industrial Revolution, the biggest revolution in human history. When Arnold Toynbee popularized the term Industrial Revolution as a “single great historical event”, it was well over almost a century after this greatest Earth-shattering event had began running its course, and after many others had referred to it in other different descriptions  and visualizations. Toynbee was then a very young man and he was lecturing not to his academic classes, but to audiences of working men. Died young, at the age of thirty, Toynbee could get his book ‘The Industrial Revolution’ published only posthumously, in 1884.

The present Revolution of Western Europe is no exception.




Today almost 95% mankind are the inhabitants of a highly mechanized and marketable world called the TECHNOSPHERE which, as a man-made abode, is almost rotten and often in break-down condition. Its lifespan is long over. (See the picture below)

Modern society led by America is a dying system because Capitalism is a dying system.  This system is beginning to rot from within. Like the once falling Roman Empire, it has become ungovernable. And that’s because the present domestic population is growing restless and angry with their increasingly desperate economic structure.

Everywhere it is visible that corporate capitalism is having a devastating effect on all major institutions worldwide, and that it is consequently shredding the environment and general human welfare.

The inability of the corporate state to respond rationally to the problems facing even the developed citizenry, let alone the whole common mankind, is much visible and pathetic.  Lately in America, it was just part of a gamble that allowed them to throw up a figure like Trump, as a temporary solution.

But Trump is not the phenomena; phenomena is something bigger, and Trump responds to that phenomena. They may get rid of Trump as a particular figure but they’re not going to get rid of those phenomena. We will certainly see another Trump-like demagogue rise up as this legitimate anger ripples through society. Many don’t think either Trump or any similar alternative have any interest or capacity to fundamentally alter the system.

Capitalism, based solely on consumerism as it is today, is dying. Corporate capitalism ignores the permanent damage it inflicts upon the environment. It is due to the sheer lack of imagination and empathy from complacent elite that insists on perpetuating injustice–and even pretending it doesn’t exist.

In a highly globalized world, all economies are intertwined. It is a world fast and hugely being  undermined by it growing  debt. Why is Europe and the U.S. doing so badly after 7 world breaking years of added debt?

China took the opposite approach of Europe, they massively outspent even the United States so did Japan on a comparative basis.   Both countries are really struggling now; there is a lot of panic in Chinese leadership.

Japan has been in the doldrums for nearly 30 years.   Apart from dept crisis Japan, finding no new workers to replace those retiring and degenerating workers, is suffering through an aging crises too.

The present world just cannot gain a realistic understanding of who rules the world.  While ignoring the “masters of mankind,” as Adam Smith called them — in his day, the merchants and manufacturers of England — in ours, they are multinational conglomerates, huge financial institutions, retail empires, and the like. Still following Smith, it is also wise to attend to the “vile maxim” to which the “masters of mankind” are dedicated: “All for ourselves and nothing for other people” — a doctrine known otherwise as bitter and incessant class war, often one-sided, much to the detriment of the people of every home country and the world.

The ugly fact of it all is that even the most western white people  are, more and more, becoming slaves to these Masters of Mankind. But for how long?

In the otherwise present going, nuclear holocaust could happen in the next 10 years, not necessarily in any war but from the hundreds of nuclear waste fuel dumps, but due to highly possible slight slips, as in the cases of Chernobyl or Fukushima, in a highly turbulent selfish world governed by greedy Masters of Mankind.

On other fronts, the highest cause of death for white women between the ages of 35 and 50 is drug overdose, because there is a middle American/European that’s not feeling any hope anymore.

The rising income inequality due to technological change and the transfer of jobs to overseas labour threatens the middle class of America/Europe today.

NAT0 is but a shadow of its former self. Only four of 28 member nations now invest 2 percent of their GDP in defence.

Rampant market-led mechanization is meeting tipping points in every competition worldwide, which otherwise is inevitable for capitalism to sustain. And reductionist science, as the vanguard of mechanization, is heading towards SINGULARITY.  



With the exception of the erstwhile Soviet Union, some geo-strategists contend that no nation that has not been defeated in war, has ever suffered so rapid a decline in relative power as the United States. Thus Western Revolution, with its epicentre in America, is sure to follow the Eastern Revolution.

Now, to further know more about this TECHNOSPHERE, and also to know as to who are all at the helm of affairs in this man-made-machine-made world, please read the following essays (by this author) the contents of which are taken from the book ‘Life On Meltdown’:





Philosophical Study and Prophetic Accuracy: The heart of philosophy is worldview analysis, assessing the factual adequacy, logical coherence, and explanatory power of individual worldviews, and also doing it on a comparative basis across alternative systems. Now, how the author accurately predicted everything important about modern society, in his first book, STORY OF MAN: LAYMAN, back in 1990, and in his second book, LIFE ON MELTDOWN in 2014, is explained here. In both the book STORY OF MAN: LAYMAN and LIFE ON MELTDOWN, John has raised the main philosophical question about the rise and role of technology and industrialism, and the dystopia it could possibly produce in the imminent extinction of the human species. It showed the catastrophic perils of modern `knowledge industry’ brimming with the dangers of an intensely intellectual education which neglects the emotional aspects of life, and the disastrous hazards of market-prone logical and scientific approach to social and political problems.


Story of Man--Layman, the first book by M J John in 1990

Story of Man–Layman, the first book by M J John in 1990

Life On Meltdown, the second book by M J John  in March 2014

Life On Meltdown, the second book by M J John in March 2014














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