Many primal people tend to view us, the “civilized” or “scientific” people, as pitiful creatures – though powerful and dangerous because of our technology and sheer numbers. They regard civilization as a sort of social disease. Even though modern man claims to be the most free, fortunate human species in history, most of us today live blind to our own realities, which even the ancient slaves, did not do.


Once, Greek wisdom described ‘man as everything’. As a creature fit for his environment, Nature once made man to be the crown of all creations. Man enjoyed a pristine life on the once unspoiled Earth for millions of years without the present type of poisoning of our air, water, food and soil. And the free access to fresh, non-polluted air, water, and soil constitutes the basic freedom to life, which all humans enjoyed for millions of years and which almost all the present-day humans lack, and in so doing nullifying all his claims of other freedoms and progress.

The Roman Empire was defeated – no,not by an enemy from outside but by one from within – by the one of sheer ignorance, namely, lead poisoning through their lead water pipes. Modern civilization is badly ridden in the deadly ignorance of tens of thousands of such toxic materials that inflict massive damage to the vital human life lines as what modern life style is doing – by the poisoning of our air, water, food and soil and exposing every centimeter of the Earth’s surface to toxic radiation. The world is now filled with one hundred years of toxic industrial by-products that have polluted even the most remote and inhospitable regions of the earth. Acidified and fouled oceans, overheated air, contaminated water, poisoned soil and missing topsoil, the highly degenerated and unemployable modern humans are all what we got as the ‘gift’ of our modern Industrial Civilization.

Today, the fouling of the millions of years old natural human habitat/nest/abode by the non-cyclic lifestyle of the new mechanized inmates has reached such extreme and abyss that we consider even the worst pre-modern slave to be a hundred times more lucky, more free and more noble than even the most lucky and the most free inmates (post-modern humans) or their leader inmate of this ‘cage’ namely, the TECHNOSPHERE. For, the worst pre-modern slave at least had the freedom to freely breath non-poisoned fresh air, to freely drink non-poisoned fresh water, and over a dozen other basic life ingredients which even the most lucky and the most free inmates (post-modern humans) or their leader inmate of this ‘cage’ today severely lack.

But man is already dependant on Nature; the millions of years this natural process of evolution basically shaped man the way he is, like any other species. In modern society, man has, however, developed another dependency, actually a stronger dependency, which is none other than the addiction to his own systems, the mechanical systems which man himself developed and which otherwise is inferior to both Nature and man. Today, born to an environment of his own making – mechanized world – modern man has become a slave or tool or commodity fit for this market-led mechanical world.

Today, man has no natural brain or mind. Modern mind is the end product of long vitiations. Human degeneration may be explained as the loss of status: from being organic to synthetic – from man to modern man. As partly mechanical, he has only a pre-programmed and in-built mechanical ‘brain’ – resembling an internal circuit of a machine – which does not need to think but just function automatically.

Science, attempting to free human mind from the shackles of dogma, emphasized that truth is contained only in that which can be recognized clearly and distinctively. Knowledge is defined as the result of the intellectual analysis of our sense experience. In this way, however, science created a new barrier beyond which mind could not elevate itself to higher levels of consciousness. Hence, science could not prevent the emergence of a materialistic dogma that devalues human potential, encourages the mechanization of life, and curtails freedom of thought.

The modern machine civilization replaced quality by quantity, compassion by calculation, individuality by standardization, organism by organization, etc. The machines had taken over as lords of the creation and were reducing men to slaves. The cult of the machines had transformed mankind into a ‘mechanical cog-wheel people’, who robotically performed their functions within these horrible mechanical global systems.

As slaves to its own machines and hi-tech market systems, the dangers faced by mankind today are manifold. When people become chronic users of most of the hi-tech modern conveniences and get addicted to commonly-practiced mechanical life styles, they develop a sort of a ‘chemical’ dependency to market mechanization and they, as a whole society, remain emotionally immature, without ever knowing these mortal realities.  It can be well discerned through a comprehensive and honest source of information about adverse and catastrophic effects of commonly-practiced mechanical life styles, its mortal addictive traits and the highly adverse withdrawal effects that have rendered modern humanity highly passive and degenerated.

Growing dependence on the technosphere

“The Matrix is a system, Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, doctors, engineers, diplomats, professional politicians, professional godmen, clergies, knowledge workers, carpenters, draftsmen, artists…. the very minds we are trying to save as we try to save environment. Until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it. The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.”, Morpheus thus illustrates the life in the technosphere, in the movie, “The Matrix”.

The concept of the technosphere first appeared in the writings of Vernadsky, the great Ukrainian scientist who pioneered our modern concept of the biosphere. Vernadsky, clearly saw the enormous and exponentially growing impact on the biosphere from human techniques and he called the technosphere ‘a planetary geological force’. It creates a “new world” of technical civilization with dehumanized and denaturalized humans as its ‘natural’ inhabitants. This purely mechanical ‘evolution’ has eradicated man from his (natural) environment and has cut off the roots through which he had drawn life-creating force since millions of years. Here cities are “gardens” where these degenerated creatures “grow” at an accelerating pace.

The growth of technology, of the manifold mechanical instruments in the services of our fantasies, has thrown mankind back to an infantile dream of unlimited power. There he sits, the little man, in his room with various gadgets around him. Just pushing a button changes the world for him. What might! And what still further power he envisions! Yet what mental danger!

The growth of technology has confused man’s struggle for mental maturity. The practical application of science and tools originally were meant to give man more security against outside physical forces. It safeguarded his inner world; it freed time and energy for meditation, concentration, play, and creative thinking. Gradually the very tools man made took possession of him and pushed him back into serfdom instead of toward liberation. Man became drunk with technical skill; he became a technology addict. Technology calls forth from people, unknown to themselves, an infantile, servile attitude. We have nearly all become slaves of our cars. Technical security paradoxically may increase cowardice. There is almost no challenge any more to face the forces of Nature outside us and the forces of instinct within us. Because the very technical world has become for us that magical challenge which Nature originally afforded.

We have created a marvelous technology for the supply of goods and services with the minimum of human drudgery. Isn’t it obvious that the whole purpose of machines is to get rid of work? When you get rid of the work required for producing basic necessities, you have leisure – time for fun or for new and creative explorations and adventures. But with the characteristic blindness of those who cannot distinguish symbol from reality, we allow our machinery to put people out of work – not in the sense of being at leisure but in the sense of having no money and of having shamefacedly to accept the miserable charity of public welfare. Thus – as the rationalization of automation of industry extends – we increasingly abolish human slavery; but in penalizing the displaced slaves, in depriving them of purchasing power, the manufacturers in turn deprive themselves of outlets and markets for their products. The machines produce more and more, humans produce less and less, but the products pile up undistributed and unconsumed – literally as toxic waste – because too few can earn enough money and because even the hungriest, greediest, and most ruthless capitalist cannot consume ten pounds of butter per day.

MATRIX, the great techno-trap: The new type of war does not need any conventional weapons, nor does it need to annex land or property, nor does it go for colonization that requires scores of army and ammunitions to maintain the colonies. The post-modern colonization or war is the ‘technospherization’ of nations and its life forms (including humans) and thus the whole world today has become the Wired Globe, Global Village, Information Society, Control Revolution, Digitized World and so forth. And the post-modern weapon or methodology of colonization is the MATRIX which has literally ‘baptized’ the whole post-modern world in this giant techno-racketeering.

There is only one difference: in a totalitarian system, unification or colonization is carried out forcibly whereas in a technogenic system the process is done very softly, quietly and  little by little. Today this technogenic system – indeed the post-modern society – is exponentially growing like a giant global cage or prison in which the inmates are the modern humans. This indeed is a historic feat in that almost the whole mankind has been massively and ‘happily’ led into this cage/prison. Here, organized religions, modern science, capitalism, communism, market economy and all that are the literal handcuffs or depressant by which the inmates are actively kept — as totally dependent to this technogenic system, the MATRIX.

Man today thinks that whatever is going around him is by the will of some other people. But the system is developing by itself. When the civilization settled down to the technogenic course, such laws started to operate which had never revealed themselves before. Now these laws cause the technosphere to steadily develop into a MATRIX. Matrix is a sort of a conglomerate, a system for which a man is a battery powering this system. Such films as The Matrix or Surrogates are not science fiction but our nearest future. And this is not the point of technical appliances people are surrounding themselves with. Once having got into the global information field created by different mass media, they find themselves possessed by the system. This is not the man who controls the system any more, but the system itself fully controls and overmasters him.

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