Domestication, professionalization and criminalization of intellectuals have given rise to the growth of an immature and fraudulent way of life that has rendered the present human society jam-packed with catastrophic problems. Naturalized by the immature logic of modern science and falsified by the mechanized market idea of giving prizes and awards to intellectuals and scientists, Industrial Civilization has become the ‘wrongest’ culture in history.  This unnatural process has only helped to spread ignorance, confusion and impasse which even the present world mandarins cannot understand, let alone solve.



When a child makes a device, we call it a toy. When a man does it, we call it a machine. A machine is as much an object of amusement to man as what a toy is to the child. To call a scientist as a great/super human being only indicates the extent to which the immaturity of our world has elapsed today. Albert Einstein wrote: “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination….When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”Albert Einstein was great not because he was a scientist but because he was a great thinker who later criticized the very science he helped to develop, and he, on later years, thought philosophically – not scientifically. Einstein later wrote, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

When a non-science man writes a technical story, it becomes a science fiction; when a scientist does it, it becomes a theory. When science itself is a work of fiction (imagination) any further work on it can no longer be anything real other than a fiction inside another fiction.

Judgment or the common sense of the affairs of the whole mankind is too serious a matter to be left to the ‘kids’ – scientists, trained youths, professionals or experts. Children have always been relatively powerless members of society. This powerlessness derives from their smallness, physical and intellectual immaturity, lack of life experience, and their dependency on adult care-takers. The immature adult continues to evaluate environment in terms of threat to their security and self-esteem. Their sense of identity remains dependent on the approval of others. But their powerlessness is institutionalized by their inclusion of the political processes and in political decision-making. The same is true of the powerlessness of scientists as well.

A scientist can never prove science wrong because of the very fact that he happens to think scientifically. And a scientist is a product of a few years’ specialized and compartmentalized training – a pathetic victim of his training. Science has been the total result of aberration happening over a longer period of time in modern history. Science spoils the health of scientifically-raised broiler chicken faster than this broiler chicken spoils the health of its consumer namely the humans. The lifespan of a broiler chicken is almost 1/10th that of the normal organic chicken. Similarly, super power America – if she happens to follow the present scientific path – will ruin itself faster than she ruins her consumers, namely, the Third World.

Modern man always rushes, with his classical reductionist thinking, to look for the magic remedy or solution. It is the one germ, among the millions of germs in the decaying municipal waste dump heap, trying to find a better place for itself again inside the same decaying dump heap. A PhD holder is an expert in finding a virus inside another virus, a problem within another problem, and suggesting solutions through a third problem. This is what we call scientific methodology – establishing a fact through ‘controlled’ observation, comparison and survey.

Science is trying to put an ocean in a nutshell. Science is imaginary, and so is the progress achieved by it. Science has not solved a problem which it has not created. Man’s latest tool, modern science, would achieve much wonderful success, but unlike man’s earlier tools, science would not only misplace those ‘success stories’ but also would not sustain its master, namely human species, as its latest developments themselves indicate.

In its own admission, modern science is not just a failed methodology but a catastrophically dangerous methodology that has lost all its arguments when the modern world solely built by it is ringing the SOS distress signal at every sector it pursued and developed, so much for our avoidance of ‘scientific arguments’.

However, modern science is the latest and the most powerful trend that remains the most globally consumed addiction drug man has ever invented. Today most people don’t realize that science can prove nothing to be true, only that it can prove  something to be false, including, modern science itself. Most of the ‘best’ ideas it has ever had have been later proved wrong. The history of science has largely been the developments and discoveries of remedies and solutions to offset the ill-effects of its own earlier discoveries and developments.

Now, however, the dead-ends seem to have been reached when modern man is no longer in a position to further discover the remedies and solutions to offset the more devastating ill-effects of his most discoveries and developments simply because he, in the long process, has systematically vitiated his brain and thus incapacitated his intellect to such an extent that he simply can’t even determine the extent of the damage and ill-effects of his later discoveries and developments.

It is argued in defense of modern science that it is not science but the political misuse of science and the unethical technological application of science that lead to violence. The hollowness of such argument was always clear, but is totally untenable in today’s world, when science and technology have become cognitively inseparable and the amalgam has been incorporated into the economic system.

Award-vitiated world: Nowhere in history has we found even a single instance of the evolution of certain new ideas or development in the cognition process that is being rewarded, encouraged or sponsored by the establishment. Wisdom or truth actually emerges first as blasphemy even today. The thought of Socrates, Sri Buddha, Jesus Christ and even the mechanical ideas of Galileo and Karl Marx were all suppressed by the respective establishments of their time because every new stage of wisdom or new idea is certain to emerge as truth and it is always pro-people and anti establishment. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”, wrote the great German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer.

Then suddenly, how come the modern society is being described as the unique pioneer in developing new wisdom, truth, new knowledge and new ideas? Because it is all a sort of ‘domesticated’, ‘harmless ‘ and marketable truths (half-truths) that are being churned out today. The wholesome truths, thus having come to undergo degeneration under the domineering impact of modern science, started to devolve to their simpler form, as some sort of linear truths or half-truths. There cannot be a more damaging and fraudulent fad in the intellectual ingenuity as this fallacy of giving prizes/awards to thinkers, scholars and scientists. Who would have dared to award Socrates, Jesus Christ, Rousseau, Swami Vivekananda or Gandhiji? Only a superior society that existed above the values of Socrates, Jesus Christ, Rousseau, Swami Vivekananda or Gandhiji could have awarded them which neither existed then nor even today. All these add up to the conclusion that this very concept of award, prizes or sponsoring greatness is unnatural, mechanical and plainly fraudulent, and the whole society itself has degenerated to less complex or mechanical system that can understand and accommodate only half-truths.

Further, this only helps to mechanize or linearize (singularize) an otherwise multidimensional and integral cognition process in the budding. Knowledge dissemination is a social behavior of the social man; to treat it as a business or mechanical venture amounts to virtually throttling this vital trait of social man in the bud. This can otherwise be described as conspiracies of ignorance that was being built up over the years of a faulty evolutionary process in modern society.

The farce of awards and honors: Post-modern scientists are largely a Nobel Prize-towed lot. Being a competitive and linear process, the participant can only think of the next building block that can be put on the steadily building edifice of the linear structure, called modern science. Be the subject matter pertains to the micro or the macro world of science, only those at the top can engage in scientific research, as the whole scientific structure is a linear edifice. This is true of all fields including art and sports all of which are ending up as the purpose-lost, meaning-lost business or competition ventures.

The concept of giving awards and prizes presupposes the very donor or institutor of such awards as reigning at a higher social/spiritual/intellectual level or that these god-fathers are supposed to be above good and evil, right and wrong in society and that they can judge independently as to what is good and valuable in society. This however is quite unusual and abnormal development in a highly democratic and scientific society today.

This concept may be natural on a setting between the children and parents or between kids and the grown-ups, the immature and mature people and the like, and the practice may be considered as part of the confidence building measures to the kids and the immature people. Normally we encourage kids and children to show prowess in their activities, sometimes by giving them certain prizes and other appreciation so that they may grow in self-confidence.

However, by the practice of giving awards and prizes to purportedly grown-up and matured people, especially experts and scientists, society is only promoting the ever growing immaturity in society, especially in science and other intellectual fields. Even otherwise, awards and prices, in the form of artificial growth boosters, to scientists, writers, leaders, and intellectuals are what chemical fertilizers are to plants, or are like hormone-feeds to broiler chickens.

This process is also similar to developing hybrid product like the coke or the cloned species like the broiler chicken or hormone injected baby girl who suddenly develops sex organs of a mature lady. Reportedly, the brothel keepers in cities like Taipei follow the practice of injecting baby girls below 10 (bought from debt-ridden parents) with female hormones and these baby girls  soon develop the features of mature ladies in a couple of months, only to be soon sold to rich old men who will take their virginity and use them for a short period.

Here we can also equate the modern society itself to an artificially hormone-fed and suddenly developed ‘lady’ whom many like to exploit. Now suppose the very patrons, donors, god-fathers or institutors of such awards are indeed fakes of the highest order, and imagine the sort of awardees and prize-winners they choose. Well, that exactly is what is actually happening in modern society. Today such self-styled professional ‘philanthropists’ and forces however are functioning as the literal rulers and runners of the present human society while the sort of awardees and prize-winners are functioning as the dutiful service providers (experts, scientists, consultants, brokers and the like) and as “authoritative” defenders of such a world. Today the organized religions, modern sciences and arts, and the Swedish Nobel Prize Academy are the self-styled leading major institutions in the world that are literally the UNDEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS and they literally run the present ‘democratic’ nations and the world today.

In the prevailing culture, every patron or award donor fully knows the fact that they can, in the process, rule the roost in their respective sector. In the same way, the god-fathers behind the biggest award in the world – the Nobel Prize – can literally rule the world. This indeed is the strategy of the global corporate click that rules the world from behind the Nobel Prize and who operate from behind scene – undemocratically. Joseph Stalin, the former Soviet dictator said:”It’s not the people Who vote that count; it’s the people Who count the votes”. The moot question is as to who appointed them to their supposedly preeminent positions in the first place.

(This essay has been taken from the book, LIFE ON MELTDOWN)

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