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Why do some prominent thinkers conclude that modern humans are a “plague on the earth”?

Walking the Earth as free living organisms since millions of years, humans have suddenly started to become just their opposite: PARASITES, since about the last couple of centuries. Thanks to massive MECHANIZATION and the resultant DEGENERATION, modern humans are becoming sort of termites or locusts like species (the change is such new and latest that it is nearly impossible to find a comparison) that  are out to consume this fragile planet and to render Mother Earth as dead waste.

Today it almost seems that modern humanity is over running the planet. Here mechanization is the sole methodology of parasitism. The new development is breaking the attachment of humans and nature, and rendering humans  into a species similar to the singled-celled parasites. Here we can see a close connection between civilization and mechanization.

The human race’s prospects of survival were considerably better when we were defenceless against tigers than they are today when we have become defenseless against ourselves.                             ~ ARNOLD TOYNBEE

I sit on a man’s back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means – except by getting off his back.

~ LEO TOLSTOY, in What Then Must We Do?

We’re here to devour each other alive.                                     ~ HOBBES,

in Calvin and Hobbes




We are brilliantly conceived living bio-technologies inhabiting a planetary spaceship of improbable beauty and diversity. We travel together since millions of years as passengers/crew on an unending journey through a vast and largely unknown universe of at least infinite expanse. We have been blessed with countless gifts of creativity; we have everything we need to be truly happy, healthy and whole.

So what is the problem today? Why does it seem that so much is wrong? Why are we on the brink of killing off everything, including ourselves? It’s as if we’ve forgotten who and what we really are, almost as if we’re not even people anymore. It’s as if we’re living under a huge spell or a species-wide curse that prevents us from knowing who we are, why we are here; why has modern man alone become so much greedy? Why has greed come to devour our mind – leaving us as mindless/soulless species?

Never in the long history have humans faced so great a danger to their liberties, to their way of life and to their very existence an enemy so evil and so desperate that no lie, no form of trickery, no deception is too great to depict the latest type of human species, namely, the MODERN humans: to them the ends justify the means. It is for this reason that modern humans have deteriorated and plunged to the category of PARASITES.

Among the millions of species in Nature, including the humans, it is only the modern man who depends exclusively on the exploitation of another of his own species for his survival. As a widespread social malice and institutionalized by the state and the societies, exploitation of man by man is largely a modern history phenomenon, thanks to the development of modern science and modern hi-tech market that patronized exploitation as its main plank of progress. Otherwise, for millions of years, man lived exploiting or feeding only on Nature and other species.

Fast declining “social capital”, mainly TRUST, among human species: An AP-GfK poll conducted in 2013 found that Americans don’t trust each other anymore and that Americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encounters. More weird is their admission that they are unable to say that there’s no single explanation for Americans’ loss of trust. But this study has only this single explanation: “We’re not talking about the loss of faith in big institutions such as the government, the church or Wall Street, which fluctuates with events. For four decades, a gut-level ingredient of democracy—trust in the other fellow—has been quietly draining away”.

Among the millions of species in Nature it is only modern humans that do not trust one another, while this trust is a great social asset/wealth that portrays and sustains the true nature of the respective species.  A dog trusts another dog as it knows how dogs generally behave. Likewise the tribal, the pre-modern human or other species like cat, fish, insect and the like trust one another of the same species as they are the general behaviour of each respective species. But this millions of years long general trend is no longer the behavioural trend among the highly mechanized and degenerated modern humans. Living in a highly mechanized, commercialized, degenerated, parasitic state, only humans have come to lose trust among one another—to the extent that today even parents do not trust their children, and children mistrust their parents. Growing mistrust among couples and among the same cast, creed and class are endemic.

Today no one trusts anyone anymore. People increasingly are quick to get offended, thin-skinned, and have no conscience about committing wickedness. It seems that everyone is worried about being sued these days, increasingly having doubts about even neighbors and wondering what criminal may be lurking nearby. Most of these people are inflexible and you can’t tell them anything these days. As they are at different levels of degeneration and in parasitic stage, they all behave differently even if they happen to belong to the same cast, creed or language, and hence cannot trust one another. They just cannot live without exploiting one another.

That is why many primal people tend to view us (“civilized” or “scientific” people) as pitiful creatures – though powerful and dangerous because of our technology and sheer numbers. They regard civilization as a sort of social disease. Civilizations perish in the first instance because of internal contradictions and conflicts, the struggle to grab, monopolize, and keep wealth, status, power and competition.

Before this massive societal mechanization, we had a society, even within nations, where it’s easier to compromise or make a deal, where people are willing to work with those who are different from them for the common good, where trust appears to promote economic growth. Distrust, on the other hand, seems to encourage corruption. At the least, it diverts energy to counting change and building gated communities. Trust has declined as the gap between the  rich and the poor grows ever wider, and more and more people feel shut out. They’ve lost their sense of a shared fate.

Close connection among science, mechanization, degeneration and parasitism: The concept of parasitism is defined as the degenerated system of existence. Degeneration renders a species parasitic which soon begins the hunt for hosts for dependency for its own existence. It then starts to develop techniques of exploitation. Discovery and development of modern reductionist science was apparently the result of this degenerate and parasitic species’ long search for sophisticated exploitation techniques and methods.

99% of diseases today are degeneration diseases that have close connection with free radicals-created degeneration which is closely connected to mechanization. Today mechanization has become the permanent methodology and degeneration has become the ‘normal’ sort of thing, and as the standard of modern developments. Scientific technology is the system this degenerated species has developed and technosphere has come to be developed as the consequential superstructure of this parasitic process.

Mechanization has indeed set the ground for massive free radical generation. Mechanization is the process that disturbs the long natural/holistic state of a species and its mind which, in the process, puts it in to a reactive and poisonous free radical state. Mechanization thus goes on top form with the degenerated species, and it is a process which only the parasites follow. Mechanization is thus breaking the attachment of humans and Nature, and it is the sole methodology of parasitism.

Human society has become parasitic at some late stage in the civilized epochs and the process is massively spreading in modern history. This book presents the various facets of the chronic stage that parasitism has reached by converting the once wholly productive and organic ‘noble’ species as massively parasitic, and also exposes the looming catastrophic dangers it generated in its wake. Putting it plainly, mankind today is suffering from an advanced stage of parasitic infection by the parasites of its own kind.

Today the parasitic infection of human society is chronic and global. The most alarming problem before the world today is that its leader, namely, the hi-tech modern man is such a highly reduced, literally, duplicate human species – a parasite that has outgrown its host – that he simply cannot understand the real problems faced by mankind today, let alone be able to solve them. The typical modern man is such a devious parasite that it can only thrive on problems of other humans.

And, as this exploitation peaked with sophistication and techniques, the malice or the virus began to invade even the top parasites, namely, the exploiters and their leaders – the developed nations – that, incidentally, are the worst hit by this vicious process. For example, today genetically altered foods are considered creating various serious health problems. However, while listing countries having scores of genetically altered foods and products being introduced around the world, the United States with 50+ such foods in total comes first in the list followed by Canada with 30 foods and Japan with 22 varieties of crops, including soy.

A parasite is a much reduced and simpler species of the same kind from which it has evolved. The understanding capacity of the parasite is much lower than that of the parental species from which it evolved. Its world and its cognition capacity is severely limited to the world around it, in which, however it is an expert for exploitation for its own benefit. And it is a much self-centered and short-sighted species. Thus, it is always in search of hosts for exploitation and survival. For example, the colonialists, when they realized the fact that the exploitation of their respective lands and people got saturated, went to ‘undeveloped’ parts of the world in search of host and converted those nations as colonies fit for exploitation. Modern man is going to the moon and trying to reach other planets in search of host (extra-terrestrial life) realizing the mortal fact that his life by exploitation of planet Earth and its inhabitants has reached tipping points. Meanwhile, sensing hard days ahead, synthetic medical industry is going places in search of hosts (sick people) and thus spreading sickness or making favorable environment for the industry to survive and flourish in a sick world.

Free Radical is a parasitic (dependent) species: A virus is a degenerate life form which has lost the capacity to reproduce except within the living cell of a host. It has regressed toward the protocell stage and below. Contrary to some theories, parasites are probably not the ancestors of cells but are instead mutated degenerate descendants of cells or protocells which can only exist as parasites and are not independently self-replicating. A parasite is a life form which has higher entropy than its ancestors and can only live at the expense of a life form which has lower entropy.

As we shall see, the induction of parasitism is an ecological imbalance which is an intrinsic part of the evolutionary process and occurs even among the highest species, the humans. New research shows that parasites not only control the behavior of their hosts, they can change the entire eco-systems to suit their needs. Each host species carries many parasites specialized in attacking that species alone and many more that can be shared with others. Nonetheless, a healthy  host animal usually resists severe infection.

The factory farming system of modern agriculture strives to produce the most meat, milk, and eggs as quickly and cheaply as possible – and in the smallest amount of space possible. Cows, calves, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, and other animals are kept in small cages or stalls, where they are often unable to turn around. They are deprived of exercise so that all their energy goes toward producing flesh, eggs, or milk for human consumption. They are fed drugs that fatten them faster, and they are genetically manipulated to grow faster or produce much more milk or eggs than they would naturally.

Because crowding creates an atmosphere that welcomes disease, animals in factory farms are fed and sprayed with huge amounts of pesticides and antibiotics, which remain in their bodies and are passed on to the people who consume them, creating serious human health hazards. As parasitic feeds, they feed a generation that too ends up parasitic. Actually this factory-produced synthetic meat is the result of the artificially stimulated growth in such animals.

Greed, as a symptom of degeneration, is the main trait of parasitism: The impact of materialism in society is a complex subject. Materialism can be defined as a dominating sense of desire to pursue wealth and other tangible things that can provide physical comforts that ignores the importance of spiritual values. The characteristics of such materialistic people are greed for money, tendency to become rich quickly even if it involves a lot of risk. It also involves the desire to live in plush houses, wearing highly expensive clothes and jewelry and driving flashy cars. In short, it is the urge to lead an extravagant life.

Materialism promotes many other negative feelings like lust, selfishness, jealousy, sense of hopelessness, etc. People are forgetting their moral values and often fail to understand the distinction between right choices and the wrong ones. To be greedy, to maim and kill, to divide and conquer, to get on top in society is the trait of unrestrained capitalism, to the runaway market economy. Greed is trait of addiction which is the symptom of degeneration.

Greed has several synonyms, i.e., related terms, such as lust, obsession and addictions (craving for money, power, victory, quarrels; compulsive gambling, gluttony, drugs, etc.). Greed is therefore not only to be associated with money, but this unreasonable, foolish and depraved behavior can also be observed in the degenerated forms of food habits, sex, gambling, brutality, belligerence, aggressiveness and lust for power, etc. Greed affects most spheres of modern life.

When people in other communities are subjected to the greedy capitalist demands for change, based on very different presumptions about ‘objective reality’, their understanding of their environment and of themselves in terms of their environment decreasingly ‘makes sense’. They lose their sense of identity and self-worth as their indigenous status and prestige systems break down and brutality, despotism and corruption escalate in their communities.

Greedy global institutions and systems devastate the wealth of all life forms: What if the global institutions and systems, as the self-styled custodians of global wealth, become stupid?  These greedy groupings and institutions, styling themselves as super powers, developed and developing nations, IMF,  World Bank, military industrial complexes of various shades, Uranium and Oil producing and exporting nations,  multi-national corporations and so forth,  swamp and devour the planet’s wealth, only to eject these natural wealth converted as poisonous synthetic waste littered everywhere.

The economic trend has become such all-encompassing and an all-in-one entity, that today’s institutions and systems are out to amass, by all means, all the wealth of the world into their own hands by converting, changing and compressing (even chemically) the wealth and power into synthetic, “bankable” and cartable assets to be kept in safe (a la Swiss Bank, and as patents of ‘knowledge’ for sale) custody. (Discussed more in detail in chapter 15 under the subtitle: Money-Destroys-Wealth of Slaughter Tapping)

A specificity of capitalism is that, in contrast to ‘classical’ barbarism (which is of destructive plundering of nature), it annihilates life by creating a ‘new world’ – a ‘technical civilization’ and an adequate, dehumanized and denaturalized man. By destroying the natural environment, capitalism creates increasingly extreme climatic conditions in which man is struggling harder and harder to survive – and creates artificial living conditions accessible solely to the most moneyed layer of population, which cause definitive degeneration of man as unnatural being.

‘Humanization of life’ is being limited to creation of micro-climatic conditions, of special capitalistic incubators – completely commercialized artificial living conditions, like air conditioning  to which degenerated people are appropriate. The most dramatic truth is: capitalism can survive the death of man as a biological being. For capitalism, a ‘traditional man’ is merely a temporary means of its own reproduction. ‘Consumer-man’ represents a transitional phase in the capitalism-caused process of mutation of man towards the ‘highest’ form of capitalistic man: a robot-man, which in reality is the fatal, chronic stage of this degenerate development. ‘Terminators’ and other robotized freaks which are products of the Hollywood entertainment industry which creates a ‘vision of the future’ degenerated in a capitalist manner, incarnate creative powers, alienated from man, which become vehicles for destruction of man and life.

Parasitism and corruption: the two sides of the same coin

Understanding corruption is the first step in fighting corruption. The fact that the world today has  come to admit corruption as a ‘necessary evil’ for success in any field is a typical example of modern humans having become parasites due to their physical and mental  degeneration. While physical degeneration  corrupts the human body,  mental/spiritual degeneration corrupts the mind and renders the individual as a parasite feeding on others.    “The corruption is equivalent to ‘terror’ and corrupt  people are ‘parasites’, who swell up themselves by sucking blood of  the poorest of poor,” said Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar in a landmark judgment on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed in Srinagar (India) High Court by Sanjay Tickoo- a Kashmiri Pandit. Former President Thabo Mbeki recognised this back in 2005. In a moment of candour, he said of the ANC’s corrupt tendencies:”What we do in this regard will define whether our organisation, the ANC, continues to maintain its noble character as a servant of all the people of South Africa, or degenerates into an ignoble, blood-sucking and corrupt parasite, an enemy of an immensely heroic people.”

Corruption is largely a modern society phenomenon, thanks to the developments of many sophisticated techniques by modern reductionist science. Corruption, by its very nature, is hidden and becomes a known fact only if the attempt of its perpetrators to conceal it fails. A few standard types of corruption might be distinguished for a better understanding of the whole phenomenon. One is simple parasitism, where a person or group uses its power to suck up resources that would otherwise accrue to those under their power. Various categories of persons including religious heads, presidents, prime ministers, corrupt dictators, wealthy business men, and drug dealers have all used and benefited from the banking secrecy laws of Switzerland. As a result her economy has been described as an underground economy, a deposit box for dirty money and a “dirt-driven economy”. The sad thing about this parasitic behaviour is that it is supported by almost all the citizens of that country.

Narcissism and Parasitism: Pathological narcissism is parasitism. It is the unabashed, ruthless and unscrupulous exploitation of others as sounding boards, as accumulators of past glories, as servants, as extensions of the narcissist. The narcissist idealizes, then uses, then devalues, then discards. He is the epitome of society of waste and consumerism — with other humans as the raw materials. The narcissist colonizes, then abandons. His are viral qualities; he leverages the host’s own assets to infect and manipulate the host. And pathological narcissism is a viral process: normal development is thwarted by the invasion and takeover of rigid defense mechanisms. (Discussed in more details in chapter 2, under the subtitle `Self-evolving Racketeering and Narcissism’)

Note: Due to the constraint of space in this print edition, some parts of this chapter consisting of the following subtitles may please be read in the e-book edition of this book (soon to be published):

  • Man, as a Parasite, is fast Shrinking
  • Spiritless, Synthetic Human Beings as the ‘Bad Apples’ in Society
  • Institutional Parasitism


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