Today we are living in modern society that is a highly globalized pyramid-like market-led racketeering mechanism which has many weak links and ‘holes’. An unnoticed small hole is enough to sink a giant ship and the fact is that this ‘spaceship’ (Earth) or technosphere today has thousands of weak links and holes, most of which are highly incomprehensible even to the so-called service providers of modern society, namely, the experts and scientists who ‘know more and more about less and less’. 

Built on modeling Nature, and as a giant spider net or a system of exploitation, technosphere is the mechanical infrastructure system on the biosphere in the forms of industrial centers, modern human settlements, energy production plants, transportation and communication networks, agricultural exploitation etc. Thus technosphere is the counterfeit of Nature that keeps on exponentially developing as a giant tumor on Earth.

Our world is full of wonders, news and  new ideas. But our vision being severely confined to this highly mechanized system called the post-modern society, we are unable to see or comprehend them. Our vision of this world is a much shrunken one and looks the same in every direction. As the highly developed or modernized, we don’t know what it is like to be non-Modern.

The modernity is the negation of pre-modernity in which mankind lived for millions of years. But suddenly cut from this long lineage or family tree, people of the highly mechanized post-modern society lives like the proverbial ‘frog of the well’. For the frog, the well is his world. He had been born there and not for a single day been out. He knows nothing of world outside. Little does the frog know the real world that lies outside of his well. Sometimes the birds would tell the Little Frog, “Hi, Little Frog! You see, the outside world is much bigger and nicer. It’s many times more beautiful than your little well at the bottom. But the Little Frog would not believe them and would answer back: “Don’t lie to me, I don’t believe there is any place that could be better than here.”

As the latest sub-species/links/branches/leaves of the grand old human family TREE that is standing on Earth since millions of years, we cannot confine ourselves as belonging only to modern or the post-modern societies. And so must be our vision: it has to be transnational, trans-civilizational and beyond civilizations and cultures. But this hi-tech, consumerist world is putting all sorts of limitations to your visions and possibilities.

Today we live in a consumerist, free-market world where the collusion among the merry-making politics and money-making market is the order of the day. In this world of big powers and giant markets, democracy has become the greatest hypocrisy. Money buys the political leadership much like our global money bigwigs buy IPL Cricket, Football Championships and the like.

The most popular shows on television today are Reality TV shows. And, more people vote for the next star on modern society idol. Democracy is doomed to fail, forcing elected leaders to adapt their policies according to a clueless mob addicted to the virtual world of the monopolist media and market interest. With clueless mass, democracy is political entertainment for politicians and TV channel debaters. We want more entertainment, in any form, to keep us occupied in between work and TV. We need something to discuss and feel important about. In short, market has produced enough popular politicians as ‘democratic TV-priests’ to entertain and as such they will act and entertain us. Actually, the highly contradictory social environment is a windfall and premium for media and channel debaters, and they are indeed having a field day in stretching the debates to any length and to any direction they wish.

Aiding and accelerating this ‘progress’ of free market economy is the theory of Relativism. Today Einstein’s Relativity Theory rules the world – the theory that everything in this world is relative and is thus interchangeable. This is the idea that matter and energy are interchangeable, just as space and time are interchangeable, that everything including time is convertible to money.

Money is controlling politics and standing in our way. Private interests can effectively purchase laws which enable them to loot and economically enslave mankind.

In a hi-tech world which is overloaded with onslaught of technical informations, body and mind no longer exist. Life becomes only a part of a greater technical and chemical thought process. Mathematical equations intrude into human relations. We learn, for example, through the doctrine of guilt by association, the simple equation that the enemies of our enemies have to be our friends or that the friends of our enemies have to be our enemies – as if only simple addition of positive and negative signs exists by which to evaluate human beings.

However, in the commotion of these consumerist social and political debates and TV ‘entertainment’, many fundamental and more globally catastrophic problems, that are otherwise staring us in the face, easily escape our attention. We fatally miss the bigger questions of human life, its vital problems. We can’t see the wood for the trees, we are unable to understand what is important in a situation because we are giving too much attention to details; we are lost in the torrents of the ongoing information explosions.CachedSimilar

Today there is a deep groundswell towards a strong and cynic awareness that the world is fast heading towards a no-win-situation from which it simply has no escape. Many see it as having already started the end without even knowing it. It is on account of a number of symptoms, not just one. They seem to convey the message that the world is un-savable, and that the worst is yet to come.

People the world over are recognizing, for example, that extreme weather is becoming normal. Today’s storms are more intense and more frequent—and more widespread. Nature is exploding with violent weather–droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and wildfires–all of which are causing increasing death tolls and financial loss. Disastrous weather worldwide has caused many to ask: What is happening?

Many of these kinds of catastrophic reports are coming from prominent media like New York Times, USA Today, Reuters and the like. In many of these events people from all walks of life are saying that they have “never seen anything like this before”.

Actually, where are we going? Why is humanity taking a giant leap–in the wrong direction? How and why is man’s universe misshapen? Why is science swamped by its own artifacts? Why and how has modern man’s world taken an abrupt break with its millions of year-long evolution? Is there anything as a technologically mature civilization when the very concept of modern science-driven technology itself is immature and faulty? How long can we sustain a hedonistic, degenerative and celebrity-worshiping culture that goes on unabated in vanity fares and other consumerist publicity stunts by the corporate leadership? Has humanity failed the test of life?

These are the crucial questions this new book is effectively aiming to answer. We’ve entered a new kind of technological era with the capacity to threaten our future as never before. These are threats we have no track record of surviving. The advance of technology has overtaken our capacity to control the possible consequences. It is highly alarming to realize the fact that the post modern world possesses and ‘enjoys’ the technological capability of an adult when its moral responsibility is at the level of an infant. There is a real gap between the speed of technological advance and our understanding of its implications, and this gap is growing at an alarming rate. The tragic result is that the consequence of much of the booming existential risk is “not on people’s radars”. We simply don’t get such message in our mind.

As mankind spirals towards its own self-manufactured demise, what is clearly visible is the inevitable COLLAPSE of industrial civilization and this could be humanity’s final century. We can arrive at these conclusions without extensive research.

This study has proved that scientific thinking, as a product of collective stupidity, is the symptom of a particular mental illness. As a methodology to search and find truth, modern science, apart from its severe limitations, is only just one among many methodologies. Modern science, as it is being explained in detail in the book, understands only the surface of the verifiable seen or unseen matter and, even then, it can understand them only very partially. Science misses out on 95 to 99%of the functioning, laws, and principles of existence. In practical terms, modern science is filtering down to be an ideology of self-delusion and self-destruction. Thus science, as the basic cause, lies behind the dualistic thinking that misleadingly regards Nature as wholly knowable, technologically manageable and accurately replaceable, which is a fundamentally flawed theory that turned evolution as devolution, leading to the consequential ecological and social crises of contemporary modern society. Incidentally science is rapidly reaching its limit and has degenerated to a system that is less about understanding and more about manipulating, and hence the evolution of a ‘culture of denial’.

As we go on manipulating the real world we have ended up with an artificial one– technosphere–in which neither humans nor Nature has much control or understanding about its correct working/evolution. The story of modern society thus ends up as a self-evolving mechanism that is fast deteriorating human society. Sure, we have made new discoveries and progress and come up with ‘wonderful’ and ‘instant’ medical cures, but  that is not really going to matter when we are practically destroying the livability of our planet completely.  The best way to judge a society comes from an old saying, “a chain is as strong as its weakest link.” This adage becomes more pronounced when we live in modern society that literally is a highly globalized and hi-tech racketeering-like mechanism which has many weak links and holes.  An unnoticed small hole is enough to sink a giant ship and the fact is that this ‘spaceship’ or technosphere today has thousands of weak links and holes, most of which are highly incomprehensible even to the so-called service providers of modern society, namely, the experts and scientists who ‘know more about less and less’.

(Earth is now in a post-evolutionary phase, and we live at the end of Nature)

Biosphere versus Technosphere


But this book would remind us that the disintegration of our society is far advanced, that the time allowed us for action is too short. For example, this book veers round the concept that modern mankind forms the diseased part of Nature. As a highly unnatural foreign body on this planet, modern man has become an unhealthy cell within a functioning body. Earth may be sensing an imbalance like we are a cancerous growth within its body. Perhaps, Earth has a natural defense to its illnesses and can cleanse itself when sick.

Here the author’s purpose is to expose this mechanical vitiation in modern man and his systems so that mankind may survive in an age of growing enlightenment. The intention here is to give the reader an idea about the many suicidal and other highly catastrophic developments that are brewing and affecting us all – here and now. And this is also an attempt to establish the fact that the present civilization is highly fictitious and mechanically limiting, and that any society built on concept or thesis of fiction will not work for long, however efficiently–‘scientifically’–we try.

Here, the author is trying to find answer the crucial question: how has mankind, in our modern civilization, suddenly lost its potential quality for survival? Going into the chemistry of the moral, spiritual and cultural degeneration which science failed to present, and touching upon the nucleus of the force that is primarily responsible for this massive human degeneration process in general, the author is coming out with the concept DEGENERATION on a wider canvas and has put forward some novel suggestions and alternatives to stem this catastrophic malady.

The solution to these imminent, mortal problems of mankind can be successful only through our joint effort, for the simple reason that in a highly globalized, hi-tech world our fates hang together. And we are very hopeful that we can. The author hopes that you will support this cause by spreading this message.

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