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As friends on the Facebook, we all work on challenging problems, and will have to hang in there together when things get hard. I think we have to support each other to stay with an effort, even when it feels discouraging.

Each one of us is like a hub of a wheel. Each one of us can build relationships and friendships around ourselves that provide us with the necessary strength to achieve community goals, we can solve problems that we have in common. Relationships are the glue that holds people together as they work on common problems. This is the relationship to common heritage of mankind that share their common concern.

In this book, I am looking on all issues within, beyond and even outside civilizations and cultures.  That is, this study also includes visions from outside the academia and by defying conventional, agreed-upon categories of the knowledge industry. As an ardent observer of the human story spanning a few million of years, I am trying to view human world and its present civilizations from a little far, as one from another generation, race or culture.

Here, I see man in the collective. I have tried to not only scientifically know, but to intuitively feel that we are creatures of this Earth. And as such, one cannot help but take an interest in biology, medicine, the life sciences, and the Earth itself.

In doing this study, I was indeed performing a hide and seek game with the modern life process: living inside it and sometimes trying to live outside it; looking at it compartmentally and then, sometimes, trying to look to have an integrated and wholesome look and vision by linking it as a very minute part of the millions of year long human and other life forms and also trying to give it a continuity.

It was the reading and self-education I did on health and diseases of both mind and body that got me into this venture and the robust self confidence that drives me. I focused only on success – success stories of people and other species that keep themselves out of disease and unnecessary problems, people who lived the longest and healthiest, people who had travelled and observed human beings all over the world. I did not focus on the standard scientific or medical dogma, because that has all been a failure and there are more diseases, sickness, and misery in modern society than ever before in human history.

The book forms a meeting place of some importance between what is written in it and the scientific facts, although this study is rather against the scientific method. But you won’t find much “Research Source Proof” in this book. If you read this and get the big idea, you will realize that you won’t need such a proof because common sense and logic will be all the proof you need. Don’t let the lack of sources of scientific support in this book trick you into presuming what is said isn’t true. Once you understand the natural system, you won’t need such proof, but it is available should you want it. It seeks to inspire people to question themselves, to look at their world and our accumulated knowledge in a fresh way and see if it makes sense. Although it doesn’t use proof as a weapon it encourages people to try and disprove what it says so long as they understand what it is they are trying to object to; because by doing so they will put the ideas to test from many different angles and also come to understand things in more detail, perhaps ultimately verifying it for themselves; however it does not seek to impose ideas on minds that are not yet ready. It doesn’t want people to believe but to find out for themselves and to develop their own understanding.

This book, however, isn’t going to be another scholastic, scientific collection of so called facts. It is only an attempt to clear the fog that prevents man from looking at his real problems and their solution. What I have tried to do is to converse plainly, simply, using simple analogies, stories and concepts to dismantle the cloak of invisibility that seems to surround the modern knowledge process and its “experts” wise sayings. I am not here to attack anyone, condemn actions, or to promote anything except what I believe to be simple, basic, provable and scientific “natural” facts, and to present possibilities and concepts as food for thought.

Please take note that any of my studies do not represent my final view on any of the issues raised. It may be treated as ‘the works in progress’. Indeed, I take all the knowledge that mankind has acquired over the ages in history as only work of knowledge in progress – never as any final word. And, I am leaving this mission incomplete, not because of the feeling that it is un-accomplishable but because of the feeling that it is easily possible through a joint effort. Today it is absolutely impossible to individually practice what I put forward as solutions, but they are only possible through joint efforts, for our fates hang together.

The book may be read critically. Take nothing for granted. Never allow any concept or viewpoint to become sacrosanct, neither mine, your own or that of an institution or society. Using the rules of best evidence, logic and objective reason, you should always be the final judge. Accept nothing unquestioned. Let no individual, organization or government usurp your natural right to final judgment. Submit your mind only to objective evidence, evidence based not on modern science alone but also on ground reality.

Therefore, no part of the book stands alone; a person wishing to understand fully any part must try to understand all parts until the pattern is complete. In general there is much in each chapter that, if it is to be rightly understood and its spirit fully sensed, must be read in the light of all that has gone before.

Friends here need to take note of the fact that any of my studies do not represent my final view on any of the issues raised. It may be treated as ‘the works in progress’ and the solution is easily possible through our joint effort.

In short, this attempt is an appeal for a moral awakening that touches not only the social, the ecological and the political but the very essence of humanity that can only come from our own hearts and spirits and which will enable everyone to see the big picture and to become the spark of a new age.

Hope you understand how important REVIEWS are to an author.   Could you browse through my book ( and clicking to ‘LOOK INSIDE’) and, if you find it valuable, post an honest review of it on Amazon.

John Muthukat (pen name: M. J. John)

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