Life On Meltdown by M J John (Facebook profile name: John Muthukat) exposes the lies of the establishment and is a wake-up call to the tyranny that’s enveloping mankind.



The Colonialists and their offshoots — the Globalists — have created this world as an ‘ideal’ society to everlastingly continue their rule and to further their interests. Through clever use of modern reductionist science and market, for example, in high-tech communication media, genetic engineering, brainwashing and recreational sex and drugs, they are making most members of this ‘ideal’ society – no matter we call them “we the people” – as happy consumers.

This book is covering almost all the present social issues. And it is an attempt to break free from this ‘concentration camp’ called the TECHNOSPHERE or the ‘Second Nature’. This book also presents a futuristic dystopia of an unusual kind.

This book is an ideal reference book with proven futuristic visions, providing clear insight into most major future developments. The following events are testimonies to the prophetic accuracy of this book, Life On Meltdown, published in March 2014:  


As this book covers most of the present societal issues, the PDF file of this book will prove a timely helpful reference book for most of your questions, doubts and apprehensions, on most problems and crises we face. You can read this 640-page book almost free and buy it only once you are satisfied.

To get the PDF of this 640-page book LIFE ON MELTDOWN:

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