Give Trump A Chance — He May Have Truth

trump revolution

Give a damn that some people call American President-elect Donald Trump a bigot or a racist. Trump however is proving to be the ultimate savoir of mankind – literally as the straw for the human world that clutches at it as it goes down drowning in numerous catastrophic crises, most probably to the imminent extinction abyss. In the first place, Trump saved the world from an otherwise imminent inevitable WAR with Russia. Like the great patriarch and builder of modernist China, Deng Xiaoping (he was first dubbed by his rivals  as a ‘capitalist roader’) famously said that it doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice.

The thing with Trump is that he may surprise us all. So why not give him a chance. You are entitled to your opinion but please don’t wish ill will on him. If you really have strong feelings on an issue, send him a message. Just articulate it and use facts. As an important global leader, the President of the United States is a position that demands respect.





World is actually undergoing some fundamental and qualitative changes in politics and social systems. We can broadly put it as, say, nationalist versus globalists, humans versus corporatists or even man versus system and the like, all of which may be summarized as the beginning of what is emerging as the much predicted WESTERN REVOLUTION.

Here one must not forget the fact that the collapse of the USSR simply became another orgy of American profiteering which as always has backfired, and inflamed Russian nationalism.

The world is fast moving from the long colonial globalization to patriotic nationalism, thanks to the rampant development of uncertainties and unprecedented catastrophic crises gripping the world. If earlier it was capitalism versus communism, today it is humans fighting the evils of both capitalism and communism.  Thus the ongoing fight is against the evils of corporatism and its massive globalization, and also against the accompanying vitiations of the society and the environment. The collapse of the USSR simply became another orgy of American profiteering which as always has backfired, and inflamed Russian nationalism.

Here, Trump may be the Merkan archetype, the symbol having become self-parody. Some  portray him  as ominous entertainer for the End Times of the Global Corporate Empire. The rise of the American oligarchs, in complicit with the global corporate oligarchy, oppressed American politics and political discourse. Now, the American people decided they need their own oligarch, something that regular party members could not supply. Because of this, the empire of oligarchs is about to strike back, including with a new form of McCarthyism that may end further search for truth.

 trump 4The confused people are his supporters. The election of Trump is said to be just a Huge FU to American Government, a way of registering discontent without killing any of their useless self-serving politicians. I too had this feeling from the outset, hence my Facebook post on him on 2nd November, below: ‘TRUMP FLAGS OFF THE SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION’:

The Age of Great Expectations has long ended, leaving behind an ominous void.  Yet Trump’s own inability to explain what should fill that great void provides neither excuse for inaction nor cause for despair.  Instead, Trump himself makes manifest the need to reflect on the nation’s recent past and to think deeply about its future.

The people seem to hunger for authoritarianism in this increasingly uncertain times and they will accept that from a right-wing repressive government that gives them “order” and from intolerant church teachings that totally pervert the message of the savior that they claim to worship.



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