ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE: The term is used to refer to mainstream modern (Western) medicine. It uses pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases or conditions. In the late nineteenth century, Louis Pasteur’s “germ theory” became the medical paradigm in Allopathy, the controlling medical idea, for the Western world.  In its simplest form, the germ theory proposes that the body is sterile and that germs from the air cause disease.  The medical community started to look for the right pill to kill off the germ.  This concept became ingrained into medicine and medical research.  Most  research goes to looking for the right pill for a specific disease.

Generally, modern allopathic medical system is based on modern reductionist science which is the gift of Cartesian dualist philosophy that leads to compartmentalization, specialization and the creation of expert technologies in treatment. Every dualist system or thinking is prone to further reductionism or compartmentalization to the smallest particle level split, isolation and the inevitable degeneration of everything wholistic in nature.

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Man and nature existed in a united, holistic state for millions of years. Here we envision a world where we live in communion with the Earth, creating perfect harmony, health, and happiness. From the smallest nano-particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of Nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe. As an organic species of Nature, man is allowed to live on and be a part of Earth. Humans are like cells functioning within a body of the Earth. As long as humans (the cells) live in a healthy manner we will live peacefully in correlation with Earth.

Mankind practiced this Nature’s wholesome way of life – united state of existence – for millions of years, till as recently as up to the start of modern civilization, when suddenly everything sharply changed, thanks to shortcut methodologies like the analytical science of reductionism and middlemanism taking over the central role of the socialization process, basicaly since the 16th century. Here the purpose of knowledge is violated when modern science, in a mindless effort of transforming Nature without a thought for the consequences, destroys the innate integrity of Nature and thereby robs it of its regenerative capacity. As humans advance and create technology that intervenes with and begins to decay our environment we have become unhealthy cells within a functioning body.

Can life be reduced to nothing more than an interesting arrangement of atoms and molecules? The prevailing view of science today, sometimes known as reductionism is that life results from the combination of non-living molecules, or the totality of any particular wholitic matter/entity is the totality of the sum of its parts.

Modern mechanized world is a dualistic universe that exists in a state of dualism or reductionism. For millions of years, all matters on Earth – organic and inorganic, living or non-living – existed in a  wholistic state, that is, in a state of dual unity. Here things fall into one of two poles like day and night, male and female, space and time, matter and energy, reason and passion, good and evil, positive and negative, pleasure and pain, success and failure, flower and thorn, fruit and seeds, solution and problem, and so forth. Even light has a dualistic characteristic and that is why they call it “electromagnetic radiation”. The dual poles of light are the electro and the magnetic. The two elements make it when they come together as the two opposites. So there is the duality and there is the unity.

Men and women are not equal but completely different.  Male-and-Female is duality in unity. Only two contrasting fundamentals, as different as hydrogen and oxygen can produce water, or two contrasting fundamentals, as different as man and woman can produce a new human. The combining of whole hydrogen atoms in the universe cannot produce even a drop of water, nor can it by combining the whole of oxygen atoms in the universe.

Here we consider both, human and water, as whole. In the case of water (H2O) the union of oxygen and hydrogen forms a chemically distinct substance. Water is a chemical compound in which the component elements do not retain the identities they have when separate or when part of a different compound. To study water, one does not study hydrogen and oxygen; what one studies is water.

Dualism, in philosophy, is the theory that the universe is explicable only as a whole, composed of two distinct and mutually irreducible elements. In platonic philosophy the ultimate dualism is between “being” and “nonbeing” – that is, between ideas and matter. In the 17th century, dualism took the form of belief in two fundamental substances: mind and matter. René Descartes, who is known as the ‘father of modern philosophy’, and whose interpretation of the universe exemplifies this belief, was the first to emphasize the irreconcilable difference between thinking substance (mind) and extended substance (matter).

The difficulty created by this view was to explain how mind and matter interact, as they apparently do in human experience. This perplexity caused some Cartesians to deny entirely any interaction between the two. They asserted that mind and matter are inherently incapable of affecting each other, and that any reciprocal action between the two is caused by God, who, on the occasion of a change in one, produces a corresponding change in the other. Other followers of Descartes abandoned dualism in favor of Monism (Greek monos, “single”), in philosophy, the doctrine that ultimate reality is entirely of one substance.

Descartes based his whole view of Nature on the fundamental division between two parallel but fundamentally different realms, the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Each of which could be studied without reference to the other. The dualistic notion of ‘mind-body’ and the analytic method of Descartes resulted in the replacement of an organic universe with a mechanical universe produced by divine reason.

According to Descartes, mind and body belonged to two parallel but fundamentally different realms, each of which could be studied without reference to the other. With his view of Nature as a perfect machine, Descartes replaced the ‘organic worldview’ of the Middle Age and created the conceptual framework for seventeenth century science.

This mechanical division or reductionism of Descartes and Newton was the foundation of all Western science until the twentieth century. In the popular mind, as well as in vast sectors of scientific and technological research throughout the world, it still remains so.

Overemphasis on the Cartesian method has led to the fragmentation that is characteristic of both our general thinking and our academic disciplines, and to the widespread attitude of reductionism in science – the belief that all aspects of complex phenomena can be understood by reducing them to their constituent parts.

In the Cartesian worldview, mind and body are separate, and animals – that lack a human mind – are said not to suffer. Matter lacks purpose, life-energy, wisdom and spirituality. There is no room for music, art, love, emotion, faith, taste, smell, values, shared experience or surprise; these are all mere illusions in a world of fact. Isaac Newton developed the Cartesian idea of the universe as one huge mechanical system operating according to mathematical laws. He held that particles were ultimately homogeneous, all being made of same material substance. The universe, then, was driven by the laws of cause and effect, which operated in a linear fashion. Causes gave rise to predictable, measurable effects, and the universe was entirely predictable once we knew its details. Modernism thus unleashed forces of radical autonomy and isolation. They are prone to erratic fantasies, or states of dissociation of humanity beyond Cartesian dualism.

Between the 16th and 18th centuries there was a dramatic shift in the way people observed and thought about the Universe. This new system of thought was based on the philosophy of Rene Descartes who promoted a mathematical description of Nature and the use of analytic thought – the Cartesian System. Descartes’ vision was to give a precise and complete account of all natural phenomena with absolute mathematical certainty. To accomplish this he compared natural phenomena with machines. Descartes even drew parallels between a sick man and an ill-made clock.

Later Isaac Newton synthesized the works of Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Descartes into a complete mathematical formulation of Nature – Newtonian Mechanics. Towards the end of the 19th century scientists believed that eventually all natural phenomena would be explained by reducing them to the motion and interaction of particles. Albert Einstein too was actually a bad representative of reductionist position on predeterminism, despite his enormous academic stature, because he himself could not accept much of even modern quantum physics — it was too counter-intuitional to him. Einstein was so uncomfortable with the implications of quantum mechanics that he was famously quoted as saying, “God does not play dice.”

This reductionism led to the expectation that: physics would eventually explain chemistry; chemistry would explain biology; and biology would explain psychology. Love, joy and courage had been reduced to certain chemical reactions within the brain.

Complex systems are therefore broken down into their components and each piece is studied individually by way of disciplinary and sub-disciplinary approaches. The challenge is to find the entry points from where to address the particulars of the system. Once one knows the parts, the dynamics of the whole can be derived. In general, scientists have been so successful in applying this method that instead of reverting back to see how their discoveries fit in with totality, they have continued to dig deeper into their specialties, continuously narrowing the focus of their research.


 A Misperception of Reality: Everything That Remained NORMAL For Millions Of Years Have Suddenly Become ABNORMAL Since Largely The Last 100 Years 


To separate is to die a little. Call it reductionism, dualism, atomism, our world has suddenly come to acquire a narrow, specialized outlook in place of the millions of years long holistic, comprehensive and integrated outlook. Milling or splitting up of the wholistic NATURAL PAIRS (unity-in-duality mode of evolution) in Nature result in the linear development of isolated state of existence of broken pairs, as singles (existing in duality), leading to their premature decay and degeneration. Here modern reductionist science is working as the ‘particle accelerator’ – smasher – of Nature. In our day, modern science is the MILL and scientists are the MILLERS; and they go on MILLING everything wholistic across-the-board in Nature, ever since Industrial Revolution

Massive degeneration brought about by the massive mechanization, massive split up of most of the wholistic matters in the world, including mankind, resulted in the genetic tampering that greatly reduced the quality and changed the properties of everything including man, society and planet.

United we stand, we live; divided or separated we fall, we decay and we degenerate. Here we are excommunicating Nature, and now Nature is all set to excommunicate us. The modern story of human evolution is more about its development from the long Unity-In-Duality mode of regenerative existence of natural wholism to the modern Dualist Mode of degenerative existence of mechanical reductionism. Here we will see how the reductionist science generates the problems in wholesale and solves some of these problems in retail.   

The developed, led by the West, has been playing havoc with the health of the world which they call ‘progress’, and today it has reached a chronic stage of no return. The mechanical system too has developed degeneration or degenerative diseases.  Today, we have every reason to consider the core of modern society as a highly traumatized and dysfunctional society.  Here the more traumatized and the more dysfunctional are the more mechanical and the more marketed parts of the modern society.  And with globalization becoming total, the disease is spreading to the whole human society on the planet.  But mechanization and advanced mechanization being the order of the day, we don’t see it as anything abnormal, traumatic or dysfunctional but as quite normal – indeed as ‘development’ and ‘progress’.

How is right and wrong decided? Neither Nature nor any species in Nature ever depended on majority approval or others opinion to know as to what is right and wrong for them to follow, or how to live their social life. Nor did the pre-modern humans that lived on Earth for millions of years depend on the ‘majority’ yardsticks. However majority dependency has become the main yardstick to establish right and wrong, good and evil in the world today. If the ruling class in modern society is insane, the situation today warrants that the sane must go to the hospital for treatment. “When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree”, wrote George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950).

We normally think that those that are mad are in the minority but what if we, the majority, are the mad ones and they are in fact the sane ones? Just because we are in the majority does not make you right or sane etc. Great historic examples are Nazism, genocide etc. That is why it is said that ‘in a mad world, only the mad are sane’.

It is an apparent fact that today 95% mankind today suffer from some kind of degenerate mindset. However, when nine out of ten people are sick, it is impossible to even think of solution/remedy especially when majority (being sick) is the norm. Majority is presumed to be right and normal when, technically, these degenerated minds are in majority. For, being in majority, degeneration becomes right and normal, whereas healthy people, being in minority, become abnormal and wrong. Everything in society turns upside down. What were wrong, evil and irrelevant for millions of years in the past suddenly become right, good and relevant.

When the whopping majority suffer from some disease, especially degeneration diseases of both mental and physical variety, the occurrence become normal and usual, and the thin minority who are safe from this development are viewed as abnormal or even considered as sick. Most frequently, this is the situation wherein the overwhelming (usually underpowered) majority of observers willingly share in a collective ignorance of an obvious fact, despite individually recognizing the absurdity.


As mankind got inundated in the machine-generated splitting and recductionist explosions and the resultant pollutions that led humans to virtual devolution, evolution is now degenerating the human. The latest design of man guarantees extinction. The rate of human descent today is perhaps thousands of times faster than the rate of its ascent. Latest evolution of life on earth is turning aberrational and abnormal.

Development of various genetic abnormalities has become normal. Breast growth for infant girls starts at age 5. Once thought as diseases of the ‘developed’ West, like diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension and all that, are the order of the day everywhere in the world and the trend is gaining momentum. The developing brain blunders, resulting in “neuro-developmental disorders,” the odd wiring risk of autism, like schizophrenia, is the evolutionary price we are simply paying for our rather modern brain updates, starting from our modern scientific ‘motherboards’.

As for the ongoing abnormality in weather conditions, Nature is increasingly becoming unpredictable and that cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis are on the rampage. Whether it’s due to man-made climate change, or `extreme weather events’ as they are being called, weather patterns in general, and the monsoon rains (in India) in particular, are becoming increasingly erratic, that, in other words, even weather-wise the abnormal is becoming the norm, so much so that meteorologists are beginning to question the use of the term `normal’ in relation to weather conditions.

And it’s not just the weather that’s becoming normally abnormal. For instance, persistent inflation, particularly food price inflation, which seems to resist all efforts to curb it, is no longer considered an `abnormality’, but a `normal’ fact of daily life, which we just have to learn to live with. Similarly, entrenched and seemingly ineradicable corruption and ingenious scams of all varieties are no longer the exception to the rule but appear to have become the rule.

What to tell of a situation that today even corruption has become the way of ‘normal’ modern life

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