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Are Trupti Desai and Other West-Inspired Feminists and Atheists Are Daring God?

Or, Are They Playing dirty Anti-Hindu Politics through the Colonial Era Divide-and–Conquer Tactics Using India’s Constitution Which Again Is A Parting ‘Gift’ (adapted) of then Colonial Britain? 



“Women cannot be barred from entering Lord Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala as per the principles of constitution”, Amicus Curiae Raju Ramachandran informed the supreme court on 18 April 2016.

Here Courts are setting Hindu Religious norms and it is unconstitutional. It is surprising to note that being atheist institutions themselves, our courts including The Supreme Court of India are ruling over religious matter which is not supported by constitution.

Anti-Indian forces and atheists, in the guise of feminists and constitutionalists, are out to weaken the present Indian government through the old colonial tactics of ‘divide and conquer’ which the colonial Britain once successfully played and divided the great “BHARAT’ into India and Pakistan, are again now playing it to divide Indians on gender. The more interesting fact is that these neo-colonial forces and their agents and pimps are using the same British colonial constitution which the parting colonial power coerced free India to adopt as her own constitution so that these colonialist could continue the remote rule by the helps of these kinds of feminist and  other atheists proxies and their agents.

There is no doubt that this is purely a feminist propaganda created to destabilize our nation. Feminists and atheists are using foreign funds to harm our family system, our religion and culture and created disturbances in progressive activities of our nation through these kinds of divide-and-rule schemes. 

This is purely a feminist propaganda created to destabilize our nation. I am surprised to see that government is also keeping silent on such anti nationalists. Feminists r using foreign funds to harm our family system, our religion n culture and created disturbances in progressive activities of our nation. 

Problem is that our courts are not answerable to the public. But courts can only allow its interference up to the entry of the temple, not into the sanctum. Tomorrow will the courts allow people with slippers into the sanctum if someone says his rights are violated?


Actually we have no idea of the Fundamental Rights at all. In religious matters, there is no fundamental right. It is all customs and beliefs.  Also a secular state can’t interfere into religion unless the religious beliefs are creating violence, or creating any law and order issue. Here the law and order issue is created by one Trupti Desai and she needed to be punished. An atheist state trying to dictate terms for Hindus is not acceptable. Can any court give similar order for Islam or Christians?

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