Questioning assumptions is a necessary thing. We must build on from the foundation. We need a departure from the old Newtonian reductionist paradigm upon which our tyrannically and mechanically market-led modern life system is based. The world is not a Newtonian clock work machine nor are humans robots or engines.

Ultimately the struggle is between the money-dependent and the Nature-dependent; between the mortals and the immortals and between the machine-dependents and the Nature-dependents. I think the darkest moment in one’s life is the development of a situation when he feels himself to be in a totally helpless situation in life, particularly when he realizes the fact that he cannot do anything to help even his own children from the imminent disaster, which exactly is the situation today. For millions of years, Mother Nature was man’s teacher, his ultimate refuge under whose care and protection man and other species are entrusting their children in peace and in total confidence. Nature only teaches its children lessons. Instances of Nature deceiving her children are rarer than the instances of a mother deceiving her own children. Electricity failure is a common feature in the highly mechanized modern society. But the sun has not failed to light human society even for once in its billions year long history.

We must return to our natural state whatever that is!




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