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One of the least noticed legacies of colonial rule is the lingering effect of colonialism and its methodology, namely modern reductionist science on modern human mind.   A necessary adjunct to economic and political colonialism, this fatal lingering effect continues to play an important role in contemporary modern society.  As the godfather of all systems, modern science was long been considered as the virtual holy cow which successfully thwarted all discussions, debate, let alone criticism or examination, of modern science itself. Even today, problems of science could only be discussed ‘SCIENTIFICALLY’, which is like saying that thieves can be identified only  those who are more expert thieves.

Why was science unable to detect the poisoning of our air, water, soil, food etc. when the poisoning was less than 5% or 10% and not like now when it has become more than 90%? It only proves the fallacy of modern scientific thinking. Science again has no qualm again to come out with solution like the top scientists advising mankind to fly to other planets like Mars, as a bid to escape the poisoning of earth and the life forms here.


Modern Reductionist Science, Under Which Comes The Allopath Medicine, Is No Holy Cow


 What does it mean when science, which has been in the forefront in ‘developing’ and ‘progressing’ our world, suddenly admits the mortal fact that the Earth’s environmental systems are being pushed towards their biophysical limits, beyond which loom sudden, irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes, leading to the inevitable extinction of human race, and that humans have to escapes to some nearby planets in the cosmos to avoid extinction? 

There is no doubt in the conclusion of science that the Earth’s environmental systems are being pushed towards their severe biophysical limits, beyond which loom sudden, irreversible and potentially catastrophic changes, leading to the inevitable extinction of human race. But the vital lapse on the part of science is its limitation to think that there is no entity to take care of this world other than science; that this petty three hundred year-old ‘second-hand intelligence’ is the be all and all-in-one for this world; that it is still unwilling to consider live and innate human intelligence as anything primary in the solution process. 

However, my study has proved that scientific thinking, as a product of reductionist reasoning, is the symptom of a particular mental illness. As a methodology to search and find truth, modern science, apart from its severe limitations, is only one among many methodologies. Modern science, as it is being explained in detail in the book, understands only the surface of the verifiable seen or unseen matters and, even then, it can understand them only very partially. Science actually misses out on 95 to 99%of the functioning, laws, and principles of existence.

In practical terms, modern science is filtering down to be an ideology of self-delusion and self-destruction. Thus science, as the basic cause, lies behind the dualistic thinking that misleadingly regards Nature as wholly knowable by reducing it to its minute parts, technologically manageable and accurately replaceable, which is a fundamentally flawed theory that turned evolution as devolution, leading to the consequential ecological and social crises of contemporary modern society. Nature is not a “problem” to be solved, or an Object to be manipulated, controlled and conquered. Incidentally science is rapidly reaching its limit and has degenerated to a system that is less about understanding and more about manipulating, and hence the evolution of a ‘culture of denial’.



Pure logic is the main resort of the dysfunctional and the unhealthy mind and this leads to an all out mechanization of human society that is heavily dependent on mechanical laws and their market reputation Like long acidity leads to acidosis, mechanization and more mechanization, on a completive market environment, has turned modern society, as a whole, into a sort of MECHANIOSIS. This has certainly left the tiny planet earth as a desert of concrete and plastic, a sort of planetary obesity.


Science and the Modern Academia

The society should know about the true academia. Truly the education sector, as a whole all over the world, appears to be in deep crisis – a crisis born out of dishonesty and dysfunction, especially in science departments which is spilling over to various departments of the humanities. The general feeling is that current academia has destroyed what both the sciences and the humanities were about. Both scientists and humanists are just caged in the lab or in the library and they have no idea of what is going on in the world. Academia has no monopoly on science which today is largely a privatized and perverted sector.

We all know that today’s academia is no longer science, it’s BUSINESS. With so many business-sponsored things to worry about, it’s actually surprising that any scientific research still gets done these days. Science has changed its nature under the twin pressures of status and money. Today’s science is a messy place with morally bankrupt individuals competing with one another for paltry, waning grant funds. Here the system of grants and overheads has greatly corrupted the values of science and scientists. The definition of success has changed to being able to generate the most amount of money, managing the largest number of people, and having the most power in committees.

ScienceAnti Ashis Nandi Science has degenerated as a big charade where bureaucrats hire committees of “respected” academics to make collective judgments on distributing the government funds, so all the conniving and deal-making and back-stabbing are a natural part of the process. It happens wherever government spends money, not just in science and in the humanities.

A very saddening aspect of the whole academic system is the amount of self-deception that is going on. This tendency for over-specialization, thanks to blunt commercialization of the academia, is almost suffocating. Once upon a time, there was a sort of “general” philosophy of science, the history of scientific concepts, the inter-relations among the sciences, the definition of scientific rationality and the role of science within society. Then, it happened that many “philosophers of science” became “philosophers of physics”, or “philosophers of biology”, or “philosophers of the social sciences”. Nowadays, there is the philosophy of quantum mechanics, philosophy of statistical mechanics, philosophy of relativity, philosophy of evolutionary theory, philosophy of economics, philosophy of psychology…

While putting effort on a special field is not bad per se, the problem here is that all these “philosophers of the special sciences” do not even communicate with one another anymore. If you ask to one of them a question which is not related to their narrow area of expertise, they don’t know what to say or they just say that “it’s not their field.” All of this, in the name of a “scientific clarity” is sold as the highest virtue in the humanities and accepted as a dogma.

In the past, several philosophers of science were interested not only in the “conceptual analysis” of this or that theory or equation. They were also interested to other issues like, for instance, the “ethics” of science, or the place that scientific knowledge should have in (and for) society, or the relation between “scientific progress” and “human progress”. There was this famous philosopher of science, Paul Feyerabend, who knew a lot about science – in particular, the various interpretations of quantum mechanics – and yet, despite his detailed and informed analyses, was claiming that ultimately the problem that philosophers of science should try to solve is happiness of humanity. Feyerabend’s research tried to answer to the question: “How can science be used to improve our lives and to make us happier?” Or, alternately and more critically: “Is science actually used to improve our lives and to make us happier?” No wonder, Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote: “We feel that even when all possible scientific questions have been answered, the problems of life remain completely untouched.” 

However, despite all these facts that have put science and today’s education under critical scanner, science still continues its domineering societal status and, thereby, putting all other sectors as inferior to science. As many people may be aware of, during the last few decades the humanities have started to feel “inferior” to the sciences and, in order to fight such a complex of inferiority, they’ve started to become more “scientific” themselves. Nowadays, in whatever branch of the humanities you work, you are expected to produce papers written with “scientific clarity”. This is translated in very short papers, focused on an extremely narrow topic, citing a lot of pre-existent and “important” literature.

In this way, historians are now “scientists of history”, anthropologists are “scientists of culture and men, philosophers are “scientists of thought.” There are no more historians who try to understand how we ended up in this current situation, there are no more anthropologists who try to actually understand cultural conflicts, there are no more philosophers who engage themselves in the construction of a general system of ideas to make sense of ourselves and of the world we live in.

The reality is that culture can condition us so that it actually causes disease. On the positive side of this we find that culture, if it is properly formed, can lead us to health and positive emotional condition.

“Reductionist Science” is the stupid science of the colonialists who used to it in their divide-and-conquer and  ‘divide-and-rule’ strategy, the very science that created what Mary Shelly described the ‘Frankenstein monster that is out to kill its own creators’. To understand it scientifically, the essay: The Birth Of Machine And The Death Of Man (taken chapter 6 of the book Life On Meltdown)



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